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The Louisville women are poised for a deep run

Let's get it, Cards.

Crum's Revenge Video: "I Got Your Back"

You should watch this. You should watch this multiple times.

Highlights: Cards hold off GT on Senior Night

The game almost feels like it's secondary here, but still, the Cards won and that's cool.

Damion Lee: "It's L1C4 until the day I die"

I would vote for Damion Lee for anything.

Highlights: Louisville 67, Pitt 60

A lot of cool stuff happened.

Donovan Mitchell can dunk anything


Better, not Bitter

Mondays are bad, Crum's Revenge makes them better.

Highlights: Louisville 71, Duke 64

I bet Greyson Allen loses his cool.

Rick Pitino previews Duke

There will be a surprise starter for the Cards on Saturday. Who's it going to be? You'll have to watch the video and find out.

Crum's Revenge recaps U of L's win over Syracuse

Always the right start to a weekend.

Louisville's top four dunks vs. Syracuse

You know what No. 1 is.

Lamar Jackson 2015 highlight video

Here's one minutes and 42 seconds of positivity.

Official 2015 U of L football highlight video

This is the pick-me-up you needed today.

Highlights: Cards fall to No. 3 Notre Dame

It was a valiant effort, but the rough weekend for Cardinal basketball continues.

"Stay True"

You know you're going to watch it, and you should.

The best of Damion Lee against North Carolina

He good.

Highlights: Cards take down North Carolina guessed it: Boner Jams 2016.

Highlights: U of L women win 14th game in a row

Perfect January. Perfect ACC record.

Lowlights: Virginia Hammers Louisville


Lewis, Mathiang crash press conference

This team, man.

Highlights: Louisville takes down Virginia Tech

Good stuff. Fun stuff.

Cards claim 12th straight

The train rolls on.

Highlights: Cards take down Georgia Tech

Love these dudes.

The "Highchair Emcee" is back

New year, same intensity.

Sheldon Rankins senior year highlights

Hashtag, Rankins Hurdle

Highlights: Cards crush Florida State

Need an excuse to watch the Donovan dunk again? No? Well, I'm giving you one anyway. Just take the damn gift.

Louisville football: "We're just getting started"

Boner jams 2016.

Highlights: Louisville outslugs Pittsburgh

It was awesome and gross at the same time.

Highlights: Louisville takes down NC State

Watch Jaylen Johnson go to the wrong bench

It's confusing when you wear your home uniforms on the road.

Tony Hicks Highlights

Here's more of the future Cardinal in action during his time with Penn.

Highlights: Cards take down Wake Forest

It was cool.


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