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R&R Podcasts

R&R Podcast: Tom Jurich joins the show

Also, power ballads.

R&R Podcast: David Padgett, Trent Johnson and NCAA rage

I was not happy.

R&R Podcast: Steve Pence, Rick Pitino’s attorney, joins the show

Also John doesn’t want to talk baseball.

R&R Podcast: Angry NC State reaction show

Three hours of ugh.

R&R Podcast: Vince Tyra joins the show

Also the UK callers haven’t figured out that the new 790 show is different.

Ramsey & Rutherford Podcast: David Padgett joins the return show

Good to be back.

Rick Pitino interview recap and podcast

If you missed Rick Pitino's impromptu call in to Ramsey & Rutherford, here's what he said.

R&R Podcast: Rick Pitino interview

One speech, one 24-point win. Not sure why the pushback.

R&R Podcast: Kenny Johnson and Bobby Petrino

Packed show today, and way more info about John than anyone needed to know.

R&R Podcast: Football coaches and Duke talk

Big thanks to Bobby Petrino, Peter Sirmon and Lorenzo Ward for dropping by the show today.

R&R Podcast: Reviewing the Pitt win

R&R Podcast: Championship game reaction

Also ... wine talk

R&R Podcast: Ringing in 2017

I'm not here for your bullshit, Adrian.

R&R Podcast: Wakeyleaks drama rolls on

If he just walked it'd be one thing, but he also fouled out.

R&R Podcast: Celebrating Louisville's 1st Heisman

If you had trouble streaming the show, the problem should be resolved tomorrow. Until then, here's the podcast of the glorious three hours you missed.

R&R Podcast: The Rudolph Special Santa Sucks

I took things way off the rails in hour three, and I regret none of it.


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