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Tickets Available For Louisville Vs. South Florida

USF returned about 1,200 tickets for its Oct. 20 game at Louisville, and those tickets are now available to Cardinal fans for purchase.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

You wouldn't want to disappoint Charlie.

Approximately 1,200 tickets remain for the University of Louisville's Homecoming football game against South Florida at Papa John' s Cardinal Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 20, at 3:30 p.m. The tickets are located in sections 1-5 of the UPS Flight Deck and can be purchased for $12.

The single-game tickets are from the fan allotment returned this week by USF. Tickets may be purchased by blogging on to or by visiting either of the two U of L ticket offices, located near Gate 2 of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium adjacent to Floyd Street or on the third floor of the Swain Student Activities Center.

Let's snatch those bad boys up.