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Film Reviews

Virginia Cavaliers Film Review: First Quarter

Pitt Panthers Film Review: First Quarter

The defense was on the field a lot.

Miami Hurricanes Film Review: Fourth Quarter

Louisville did some good things and then blew it all on a busted coverage.

Miami Hurricanes Film Review: Third Quarter

Possibly the most frustrating quarter of football I’ve ever watched.

Miami Hurricanes Film Review: Second Quarter

Louisville finally got stops on defense but the offense fell apart in the second quarter.

Miami Hurricanes Film Review: First Quarter

Execution was lacking early on in the game.

Western Kentucky Film Review: Third Quarter

The third quarter brought some minor mistakes but also some very nice individual plays.

Western Kentucky Film Review: Second Quarter

Louisville’s defense continued to dominate as the offense started to get going.

Western Kentucky Film Review: First Quarter

A rough start by the offense overshadowed an outstanding start from the defense.

Music City Bowl Film Review: Fourth Quarter

Music City Bowl Film Review: Third Quarter

Music City Bowl Film Review: Second Quarter

Music City Bowl Film Review: First Quarter

Syracuse Film Review: Second Quarter

Syracuse Film Review: First Quarter

Miami Film Review: Third Quarter