Tailgating for Purdue game?


Any 'cloids headed to Lucas oil for the game? I'm headed up there with a buddy and would like to tailgate/meet some of y'all. Anyone know if the red rage tailgate going to be there? Looking forward to rooting the Cards on to a Boilermaker beat down!

Mangok and Adel out for tonight's game?


I'm hearing they violated curfew over the weekend and are serving a one game suspension for tonight. Anyone? Mike?


Silver lining


Might encourage Acc to move UofL games vs. FSU and Clemson later in the year


Charlie Strong is sick of coaches making 'excuses' for players hitting women


"There is no way a guy should hit a woman," he said. "There is no reason for it. If it happens, you need to find somewhere else to play. It isn't hard. Sometimes people think it's hard. You have values. Treat women with respect. No drugs. No weapons. How hard is that? I don't get it."

Charlie Strong to ESPN during his visit to the Bristol campus on issues with coaches rationalizing the behavior of players in light of the prominent cases of violence against women across football

Derek Fathauer might be the reason for Rickie Fowler's dramatic win at THE PLAYERS


"We had some stuff that we took from that and used a little bit today, finally, toward the end. We had a little Shooter McGavin, pistols firing. We had some fun out there for sure. Derek gave me a good look at the putt on 18 as he was a little outside me, and he was a little bit to the left, but gave me a good look at it as far as what the ball was going to do by the hole. All I could do was hit it, try to hit it with good speed and see what happened."

Rickie Fowler to, on playing with Louisville alum Derek Fathauer in Sunday's final round. Fathauer made more money this weekend than he's ever made on tour, bringing home over $130,000 for a T17 finish.

Mauldin: "If We Get The First Stop, We Win"


"I just know that if we get the first stop in the game, we're going to win that game. Because we as a defense know that (by getting) the first three-and-out, we're in their heads already. We know that if we play with a confident defense, pretty much the game is ours." --Lorenzo Mauldin

FYI - Louisville-Virginia game on ESPN3

5 shows this game is on the ACC Network. I don't get the ACC network so I checked ESPN3 and it is showing up there on their upcoming games schedule.

ESPN website

Anyone with DVr of the game....


I watched the game at a bar in Lexington and didn't DVr the RAB. But I noticed a player was wearing #0 for us and we don't have a player listed with that # on our roster. Does anyone know who it was by chance?


Carolina Cardinal is Kenny Smith?


Free throws and rebounds win basketball games.

Kenny Smith, on TNT's Inside the NBA, Sun Apr 21.