National Championship Odds


UofL at 100-1. Sure, count me in for a dollar.

NY Times: Louisville No. 50


That "key losses" section will get to ya'.

Packer Fired, Kellog Hired


Oh CBS, you cruel tease. Trading bad for mediocre.

Barnidge "essentially" agrees to deal with Carolina


I expect this guy to hang around the league for quite a while.

Seattle is raining with hoops talent


"(Siva is) a great player, and he's trying his hardest to try and get me to come with him," Smith said. "He's going to try whatever he can to get me to go there with him. Right now I wouldn't mind it at all." We wouldn't mind it all either, Josh.

C-J profile on U of L strength coach Joe Kenn


Hooray positivity. Feel free to stop reading before the "note."

Brandon Jennings headed to Europe


Odd time for the Arizona basketball program.

Carrie Weil remarries


And just like that, dream No. 8,732 dies.