Chris Jones thanks his coaches, teammates and fans


The dismissed Louisville point guard took to Instagram to post one last message to the Cardinl faithful.

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NBA Efficiency Stats Really Love Gorgui


Gorgui Dieng is second in the NBA when NBA players are ranked by the percentage of their teams' win shares. His win shares are also 2.5 standard deviations ahead of his average teammates. Pretty cool.

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Hurry up, Sunday.

Norv Turner on Teddy


Norv Turner (Vikings OC) started today's press conference with a statement praising Teddy Bridgewater

6-Step Instructions for Bowling (University of Kentucky Edition)


Bowling is fun and easy! Just follow these six easy steps for success!

UK Inspires Pharrell's Latest Single, "unHappy"


In another clever marketing job, the University of Kentucky has inspired pop artist Pharrell to write a follow-up to his hit 2013 single "Happy".