This weekend it's not marSHALL. It's marSHAN'T.

Changing of the Guard


Lamar Jackson takes off as Louisville leaps over the old guard of Florida State and Clemson

The Usual Levitches


Inspired by the comments from Wednesday's N&N

Lamar Jackson makes his magazine cover debut


Athlon has the Cards at No. 19 in their 2016 preview issue.

2016 National Signing Day


2016 National Signing Day Map

Really cool article about Damion Lee that's definitely worth a read


Rick Pitino cares not for your letters of trash-talk


This UK fan with a PhD (odd, right?) sent this letter to Rick Pitino to talk smack prior to Pitino's return to Rupp Arena shortly after 9/11. Rick rightly told him to have some perspective. He also misused your/you're and thus Kentucky fans are having a laugh about proper homophone usage today. (Odd, right?) (H/T Kentucky Sports Radio)