Late pick-up big for Cards

"It was a big decision for me and I believe I made the right decision," Miller said. "But it was tough. Before this, the hardest decision I had to make was what toppings to put on my pizza. But I'm glad I will be in Louisville for the next four or five years." Now, Miller said he'll turn his attention to whatever he needs to in order to try and get on the field as a freshman. He finished his senior season with 122 tackles and a Maryland state-record 29 sacks, following 17 sacks as a junior. "I'm just a competitive guy," Miller said. "I know there's a senior in front of me, but I knew no matter where I went there was going to be competition. That's fine with me."

U of L's class is heavy on defense


This is really all you have to know. U of L signed 15 defensive players and landed eight who played high school ball in Florida. The Cardinals' class is ranked No. 64 by and No. 76 by, with only one player -- offensive lineman Joe Evinger -- ranked as a four-star prospect (out of five stars). "I think a lot of these guys are highly, highly underrated," Kragthorpe said. "I'm not concerned where they are rated (now), but I am concerned on where they end up. "I feel very, very good about (this class). I think this class is what we needed in terms of addressing some immediate needs and also addressing our needs in terms of some young players who can come in here and hopefully have a pretty quick impact for us and provide some depth."

Steve Kragthorpe signing day press conference at 3 p.m.


The over/under for the first time Kragthorpe says the phrase "excited about this class" is set at 85 seconds. You can check out the PC by clicking right here.

"We're not losing to the School of the Blind, we're losing to the No. 1 team in the country. We...


"We're not losing to the School of the Blind, we're losing to the No. 1 team in the country. We still have nine more games in this incredible league, and we can still bounce back from that."

UofL Football National Champions!


I know Howard Schnellenberger is thrilled right now! He always believed in us, Petrino took us to the Orange Bowl, and Kragthorpe got us there! Now we can legitimately lay claim to being the (transitive) national champions.

Octonion: Revenge Of The Fallen


Like my chain-smoking Aunt Wanda always said, if you're down in the dumps, might as well wallow in it for a while. To that end, here's a football related link. Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician gives us the latest installment of the Octonion, wherein we discover there's something more sinister than we could have ever imagined behind the recent recruit stealing perpetrated by Syracuse...

An Old Fashioned Butt Kicking: UConn 68 U of...


An Old Fashioned Butt Kicking: UConn 68 U of L

The magical, starry-eyed optimism of January was firehosed by some icy reality last night. Yeah, we’re good. But we’re not that good........