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2021-22 LCPT Championship: NCAA/IARP vs. Armando Bacot

Only one can be the least cool of all.

2020-21 LCPT Semifinals: Dino Gaudio vs. Covid

One moves on to face Selection Committees for all the uncool marbles.

2020-21 LCPT Semifinals: Football Turnovers vs. Selection Committees

The Failure Four starts now.

2020-21 LCPT Quarterfinals: Selection Committees vs. Mitch Barnhart

One spot in the semifinals remains.

2020-21 LCPT Quarterfinals: Dino Gaudio vs. Matthew Hurt

The quarters roll on.

2020-21 LCPT Quarterfinals: Covid vs. Card Chronicle Commenters

The action heats up.

2020-21 LCPT Quarterfinals: Louisville Football Turnovers vs. Regional Sports Networks

The Least Cool Person Tournament returns

2018-19 LCPT Championship: Bobby Petrino vs. The Duke Comeback

It all comes down to this.

LCPT Semifinals: The Duke Comeback vs. Brian VanGorder

Only one can advance.

2018-19 LCPT Semifinals: Bobby Petrino vs. Matt Bevin

Let’s do it.

LCPT Quarterfinals: Bobby Petrino vs. The NCAA

One spot in the semis remains up for grabs.

LCPT Quarterfinals: Ken Langford vs. Brian VanGorder

Only one can advance to the least cool final four.

LCPT Quarterfinals: Dan Dakich vs. Matt Bevin

A first round showdown if there ever was one.

LCPT Quarterfinals: The Duke comeback vs. Minnesota’s 3-point shooting

The quest for ultimate uncoolness begins.

Now taking nominations for the 2018-19 CC Least Cool Person Tournament

The tradition continues.

Vince Tyra: Card Chronicle’s 2018 Person of the Year

A new name joins the Derby City’s most elite fraternity.

Vote for the 2018 Card Chronicle Person of the Year

The polls are open.

Now accepting nominations for the 2018 Card Chronicle Person of the Year

The tradition continues.

Your 2017-18 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament Champion Is ...

A new head will wear the crown for the next 12 months, though it looks an awful lot like the old head.

LCPT Championship: NCAA Appeals Committee vs. Chuck Smrt

It all comes down to this.

2017-18 LCPT Semifinals: Mississippi State vs. NCAA Appeals Committee

Only one can advance to the title matchup.

2017-18 LCPT Semifinals: 0.9 Seconds vs. Chuck Smrt

The Final Four begins.

2017-18 LCPT Quarterfinals: Lisa Mattingly vs. Chuck Smrt

Just one spot in the uncool Final Four remains.

2017-18 LCPT Quarterfinals: 0.9 Seconds vs. Jordan Jones

The tourney rolls on.

2017-18 LCPT Quarterfinals: NCAA Appeals Committee vs. Papa John

Let the games begin.

Let the nomination process for the 2017-18 CC Least Cool Person begin

A tradition unlike any other.

Brendan McKay: Card Chronicle’s 2017 Person of the Year


2017 Card Chronicle Person of the Year: The Finalists

You have 24 hours to pick a winner.

Now Taking Nominations For The 2017 CC Person of The Year

Because it’s tradition, dammit.

One last pre-Christmas book signing tomorrow morning

One last signing.

I’m signing books on Sunday

Let’s do this.

LCPT Semifinals Semifinals: Katina Powell vs. NCAA COI

Will it be a championship rematch from a year ago? We find out in 24 hours.