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Seedy K’s GameCap: Georgia Tech

Joining a line of players whom Cardinal fans believe have established their reputation against U of L — Think DePaul’s Dave Corzine, think Cincy’s Roger McClendon, most recently Syracuse’s Chris Bell — Georgia Tech’s Miles Kelly was Dan Patrick en fuego.

With 8:15 left Saturday evening, Kelly who gooseegged in the Ramblin’ Wreck’s 29 point L to Wake on Tuesday, converted a 1+1 to reinstitute GT’s 9 point margin at 60-51.

At that juncture, he had 35. 11/18 from the field. 6/10 from beyond the arc. 7/8 at the line.

I mean it’s not like the guy’s Michael Jordan, or even Kenny Anderson. Somebody get a body on that dude. Anyway . . .

. . . matters did not look good for Louisville against a decidedly mediocre foe. But one who has won in Cameron Indoor. And at Clemson. And against Carolina in Hot Lanta.

And then, and then, and then . . .

. . . (Ellipsis ‘r’ Us) the Cardinals led by rookie Kaleb Glenn took over.


Enforced their will, they did.

Kelly scored but a single point the rest of the way.

Tech only got six from the rest of their crew.

While Louisville blitzkreiged its way for 28 points.

Before the visitors scored a meaningless deuce near the buzzer, the Cards had fashioned a game-defining 21-3 run.

79-67 was the final.

Favor the Good Guys in Cardinal red.

* * * * *

Glenn, formerly of Male High before moving on to one of those hoops factories, had given indication recently of an emergence.

Saturday was his coming out party.

15 points. 13 rebounds.

The important number was 9. His total on the offensive boards. The majority were follow slams.

The Cards had 20 2d and 3d chance points, to only 7 for Tech. Damon Stoudamire’s team was depleted underneath. U of L took advantage.

The points in the paint disparity was 12, 30-18.

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, the object of many of Kenny Payne’s sets for the evening, had 12 and 9.

All of Glenn’s contribution came on Hustle Plays.

* * * * *

Make no mistake, this game was not a thing of beauty.

You won’t be finding it on ESPN Classic.

There were 27 giveaways. 15 by Georgia Tech. 12 by the Cardinals.

Neither team shot it very well. Though Louisville was tres excellente at the free throw line. 31/34. 91%. +17.

* * * * *

Tre White netted 14.

Skyy Clark and Mike James 11 each.

Ty-Laur Johnson scored 12, but my key takeaway from his night is the ongoing immaturity of his play. 2/11 from the field. Many of which shots were ill advised. His five very careless turnovers more than offset his five assists.

His D, like that of most of his mates frankly, was, well, Not Good.

* * * * *

The Cards, now 8-16 (3-10), travel to Chestnut Hill to face BC on Mardi Gras night.

— c d kaplan