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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Final Four

That’s right, kids.

No typo.

We’re down to four.

Two championships on the line.

The one everybody is talking about, because The World Wide Leader has started a couple new feeds, just so you can hear some junior high school announcers on the upper peninsula broadcasting their version of the Wolverines battle Monday night.

And, Sunday afternoon’s battle which only those of us with a shrine in the corner of our den to Bronconagurskius, the Greek God of Football.

The South Dakota State Jackrabbits vs. Montana Grizzlies for the FCS crown.

Before I advise who shall prevail, a quick boastful recap of how I’m doing so far this postseason with my predictioneering.

I followed a 4-1 W/L for lesser bowls with yet another weekend of success.

Ole Miss over the Nittany Lions. Georgia in a walkover, which admittedly was taking candy from a baby. Clemson over UK, be still my beating heart.

In the biggies, UDub again prevailed as an underdog. Guess Texas isn’t as all the way back as the Burnt Orange cloud would like to believe. I liked the Crimson Tide, so there’s the blemish. Sometime purer evil wins out.

The winners:

Montana vs. South Dakota State. What I find fascinating is how, for the last dozen years, the upper midwest has dominated this division. Only James Madison before they jumped up and whose coach is now at IU and the delightfully mascotted Sam Houston State Bearkats — I dunno? — have broken through the monopoly. Otherwise, you got North Dakota State x9, Eastern Washington and the Jackrabbits last year. I don’t understand, but it’s the truth, and I can stand it. State has won 28 in a row, and is hugely favored. They jackhammered Albany in the semi by like 60 points. While Montana, if memory serves, had to go to OT to advance. I’ve been riding u-dogs all this postseason. It’s too late to stop now. Grizzlies.

Michigan vs. Washington. I have every reason to love the Wolverines. I was born in Motown. I’ve got lots of relatives and good friends who matriculated at Ann Arbor. And have always rued the day I didn’t finish my application to attend, because I didn’t want to do the writing essay part of the SATs. (Do we make some stupid decisions in our teens or what?) All of which “good will” is completely negated by the aura of James Harbaugh. Which is not to mention how the Go Blue fans after losing the ‘13 hoops title fair and square to my Cardinals kept carping about some foul they thought should have been called on Peyton Siva. Luke that, ye no Hail to the Victors crowd. As for the Huskies, all they’ve done is win every time against a considerably tougher set of foes than UM. Huskies.

— c d kaplan