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Seedy K’s GameCap: Virginia

Maybe if I had Mike Ross on speed dial to tell me the answer from his photographic memory, I could say for sure that U of L was coming off its longest in-season hiatus in . . . ever, when it ventured to John Paul Jones Arena Wednesday night.

But I don’t. But from my ever dimming memory I believe it to be so.

There were those times when Carl Casper’s car shows and Wm H. King’s boat shows kept the Cards out of the Hall for extended periods every February. But two weeks with no game??? Nah.

The time away was of no matter.

Other than Tre White and Manny Okorafor joined JJ Traynor and Dennis Evans on the Injured Reserve list.

Not that they would have made a difference.

Louisville is 5-22 all-time against the Hoos.

1-16 since Mango. You remember that improbable ten foot jumper in the lane at the buzzer to best UVa 59-57 in ‘15.

Professor Tony Bennett has schooled Louisville time and time and time again. Even when Rick Pitino was stomping his tassled loafers in front of the Cards bench.

Virginia cruised 77-53.

* * * * *

The Cards scored on their first two possessions of the game, then suffered a drought.

They played Virginia even during the second segment of the 1st, from 5-7 at the 15:06 media timeout to 12-14 at the 11:18 stoppage.

Playing shorthanded, the Cards employed a zone. Which hasn’t worked all year, and didn’t again.

Cavaliers were 32/58 (52%) from the field, 10/26 from beyond the arc.

The Cardinals were within striking distance at 20-26 with 3:21 to play before intermission.

Didn’t score again before the break. While the victors ran off a Nigel Tufnel 11.

U of L’s scoring malaise increased to 5:34 after the 2d began.

They never made a run of any sort the rest of the way.

Curtis Williams led U of L with 14, including four triples in 10 attempts.

Mike James also netted double figures with 11.

Next: Pitt. Saturday noon at the Yum!

— c d kaplan