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Five Plays: Boston College Fourth Quarter

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Not much happened in the fourth quarter but a couple of plays on defense stood out to me. The offense just dominated this game from a pure talent standpoint which makes it pretty hard to highlight what they did. “Here you see a receiver running past the entire defense” might not be a fun read. But the defense has some work to do and there have been more than a handful of times when their warts have surfaced.

I’m interested to see if the same issues continue to pop up or if we see some adjustments.

This is actually a nice call and solid execution on defense for the Cards. This is man coverage with one safety high (pretty much the same call BC made on AHB’s second touchdown). Jarvis Brownlee is in a very good spot to make a play on the ball. The safety gets there to support or make a tackle. It’s what you want to see but BC just makes a very good play. This is their big play receiver down the sideline and their players are on scholarship too.

The one caveat is the pressure up front. I like the design of the blitz as the defensive tackle to the bottom of the formation crashes down towards the center and the linebacker behind him blitzes in the vacated gap. This is what I’ve wanted to see more of, personally. A pressure call with a plan. However, the defensive end to that side collisions the receiver and ends up not being a factor in the blitz. The right tackle then takes the blitzing linebacker and no one gets home. I think if the defensive end gets a free rush, we’d see someone get a free run at the quarterback and they’d probably get a sack.

I honestly can’t believe that Jeff Hafley benched Thomas Castellanos after this play. BC wasn’t back into the game but they scored here and then they forced a three-and-out against UofL’s first-team offense. Jeff Brohm expressed frustration on the broadcast with how Louisville was executing on offense and Hafley just called off the dogs for some reason.

BC’s offense found a guy in Lewis Bond who could make plays with the ball in his hands and this was his second touchdown of the game. I just thought it was a bad signal to the team that Hafley felt they couldn’t or shouldn’t fight to make this game closer at the very least.

I also don’t know what this defensive call is for Louisville as some players are in man coverage while other receivers are just running freely off the line. Plenty to shore up on the defensive side of the ball as they play tougher teams.