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What To Watch For: Indiana Hoosiers

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports


There was a comment made during IU’s game against Ohio State that their offense isn’t built to just drop back and pass the ball. While I don’t know that that is totally true with Tayven Jackson being named the starter, it does hold water. IU doesn’t have explosive players at receiver who can routinely take short passes and turn them into touchdowns. They will have to work to move the ball in the passing game.

This is why UofL has to get out to a fast start and get touchdowns early. Putting IU in a position where they have to open up the passing game and not run the football as much is a win for the Cards. While I was impressed with Jackson and the receivers for IU last weekend, they just don’t build their offense to be pass-first.


Plummer threw his best pass of the season last week on the slant to Jamari Thrash that he took to the house. He also was solid on the short to intermediate throws that he had struggled with against Georgia Tech. But, his deep ball was just not there. He underthrew the ball on every throw down the field and eventually, Murray State picked a pass off.

I said it last week and I’ll repeat it this week. Louisville’s offense can go as far as Plummer takes them. He needs to be more consistent and he has to hit the throws that will allow this offense to be at its best. With the run game and the defense looking very good so far, Plummer can’t be the reason that this team doesn’t reach its potential.


Andre Carter is a stud. The defensive end for IU has shown up and made plays in both of their games this season and he hasn’t even been able to rush the passer all that much which is where he can truly impact the game. Carter has the size and speed to bend the edge and he can also bull rush as a pass rusher. How IU uses him will be something to watch. Will they move him around, put him inside against a guard, or put a defensive end on his size to give him width?

Louisville has done well to protect Jack Plummer but we all saw in week one that he had to move in the pocket more than a few times to avoid a rusher. Willie Tyler has been outstanding at left tackle so far this season but Carter will mostly line up across from Eric Miller who has allowed four pressures and four hurries on the year. This is a key matchup to me and it can factor into the outcome of the game.


Louisville is among the nation’s leaders in points off of turnovers margin at +31 after two games. However, they are only at +2 in turnover margin. This isn’t a bad thing for Louisville as it shows that they can defend well after a sudden change but more than that, it shows that the offense can take advantage when they get handed the ball.

IU is +1 in the turnover margin and their one turnover was returned for a touchdown last week. Their ability to avoid turnovers is something to note as Ohio State has NFL players all over the field and IU has run plenty of option plays where the ball can easily hit the ground. If they can avoid turnovers against Louisville it will go a long way to pulling the upset.