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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

Not to boast or anything like that, your resident “expert,” it can now be said, has reached mid-season form before the Ides of September.

Four up. One down.

Were I to hazard a guess which game of those on the Board, I’d have missed, I’d never have considered the Longhorns would prevail in Tuscaloosa. By double digits, no less. First time that’s happened to The Nick while his roamed the Bama sideline.

But, as it is said, that’s why they play the game.

I’m sad the Johnny Rebs bested the Green Wave in New Orleans. But at least I picked it to happen. Cats did not roll, but overcame EKU, who just the week before surrendered 66 to the Cincy Satterfields. Angst in the Bluegrass?

The Cardinals, they did roll.

And, my guy, Bronconakurskius, Greek God of Pigskin, once again showed he’s paying attention, making sure that, when really necessary, he will make all right with the world, including Fansville. The U 48, the A & M Jimbo Bobby P’s 33. Thank yuh thank yuh vury much.

So, can I get a Huzzah!, 4-1 for the weekend. 10-5 for the season.

This week’s winners:

Minnesota @ North Carolina. The Golden Gophers fascinate me. Mostly because of their ever intense rah rah coach PJ Fleck, who always wears a cravat. Throwback, he. He’s 74-49 at Minnesota, and always seems on the cusp of breaking through to be a real power. But hasn’t. Yet. Watching the Tar Heels try to give it away against App State, I kept thinking of how things turned sour for Mac Brown in Austin. His second stint in Chapel Hill started with so much promise. But the mojo has no sustained mo. But they do have Drake Maye, a legit statuette candidate. It’ll be tight, but the Baby Blues conquer the Ski-U-Mahs in this intersectional encounter.

Pittsburgh @ West Virginia. There are most certainly more heralded rivalries in the sport. But anybody I’ve ever talked with who has any sort of connection with this battle, advises the hatred between Mountaineer fans and Panther fans surpasses all others. Even when the schools are down. The rivalry renewed last year after a dozen season hiatus. Pitt prevailed. The Panthers were shocked frankly shocked last time out by the aforementioned Queen City Satterfields. This is WVa’s third in a row against a foe from the Quaker State. They fell to the Nittany Lions, but bashed the Dukes. (Of Duquesne not of Earl.) Panthers survive. OT maybe.

Tennessee @ Florida. Given their vaunted conference’s less than stellar record so far against non-SEC opponents, these two Care More Schools are just happy to be playing one another. Hard to tell how good the Vols are. Ws over UVa and Let’s Go Peay signify nada. The Gators didn’t really give any reason to believe excellence is afoot in Napier Year Deux in their opening L in the Beehive state. Stung indeed. But they’ve played a real team. Which matters a smidge. Hard to go with a team led by serially mediocre Graham Mertz. But I’ve made idiotic predictions before, and am sure will do so again. Drinking the Gatorade this time around.

Akron @ Kentucky. Despite how appropriate their nickname is — Akron is 9-45 over the last five campaigns — that’s not why the Zips are called the Zips. Rubber City was/is home to BF Goodrich. Back in the beginning of last century, they made a shoe that became very popular. Called Zippers. When it comes up at your next Trivia Night, and you get it right, send me my cut. UK may have issues. It won’t matter against their 3d walkover foe in a row.

Indiana vs. Louisville (Indianapolis). This one’s bittersweet pour moi in anticipation. I was so looking forward to heading to Indy for the game, which shall be fun and competitive. A pre-game meal at Shapiro’s right around the corner from the Dome. A post-game meal at Shapiro’s. (I know there are any number of other good eateries there, but it’s what I do.) As it turns out it is Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the High Holidays. I’ll be honoring my faith while watching on TV. As for the outcome: One QB shall suffice. Cards take care of biz.

— c d kaplan