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The Cardinal Countdown...0 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Louisville at Clemson Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

#0 Chris Bell

While my man Chris is not the first to attempt the old double dip on the countdown it’s worth noting that because he is one of the players I’m most excited about this season I’m happy to have a chance to revisit him 80 days later than my initial post back on June 13th.

While Thrash appears to be the top choice for most consistent performer and a guy like AHB or K Cole are your deep ball threats, Bell could be either of those as well. My gut says you don’t throw on the zero jersey if you’re not prepared to ball out. Go get it young fella.


This is typically where I do a quick recap on the countdown but I’ll save you the time this year and just say this.....thanks. This was year twelve of me cranking these things out and while it can be a bit overwhelming the daily feedback, and comments, and retweets, etc are encouraging during the long summer days. Be sure to check out the Countdown Q&A’s each week and I hope to continue my ‘Two Minute Plays’ series during the season if at all possible. Speaking of, if you want to support your old buddy John aka ‘CardinalStrong’ hop on over to Youtube and hit that ‘like and subscribe’ as the kids say. I’ll post all the Two Minute stuff there (including maybe some national coverage) and some college football stuff in general during the season, appreciate the support. All right folks, May 24th we kicked this thing off dreaming about today, and it’s finally here. Lets start the Brohm Era off with a bang and get what should be a very exciting season rolling. Go Cards!