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What To Watch For: Georgia Tech Yellowjackets

Wasabi Fenway Bowl - Louisville v Cincinnati Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images


We all know that Jeff Brohm is known for his offense but there will be no bigger factor in this entire season than his defense. While we have been accustomed to having coaches that stick to their side of the ball, Brohm has made it known that his defense is his design and his coordinators were hired to run it.

Brent Key didn’t change much on the defensive side of the ball this offseason but he did go out and bring in Buster Faulkner from Georgia to run his offense. Faulkner inherits a solid skill group that will challenge UofL’s defense in the air and on the ground. Brohm’s defenses have left a lot to be desired in the past but that can’t be the case on Friday.


Louisville saw a major improvement last year in all aspects of special teams with James Turner and Mark Vassett being among the best in the ACC. Both players surprisingly transferred this offseason and UofL was left with the need to replace both key spots in the special teams group.

Brock Travelstead came to Louisville as an Army All-American who signed to a scholarship. During his time here, however, he has only been used for kickoffs. Travelstead has the leg to make long field goals, but one has to wonder if accuracy has been an issue in practice as Turner really struggled in 2022 but never lost his job. While I have high hopes for Travelstead, we all will have to wait and see how he does in the game on Friday.

Brady Hodges seems to be the likely bet to be the punter this year and the first snap he takes will be his first in college. I thought Hodges looked good this spring in open practices but the unknown will be a factor. Vassett ended his career here on a high note but his first season was very rough. Hopefully, the new kickers leave no worries, and have a good season.


The most important thing for Jack Plummer this season will be pressure. Teams that can rush him or make him move his feet will have a much better chance against him than teams that allow him to sit in the pocket and operate. Tech lost just about all of their pass rushers from last season and they didn’t bring anyone in that would replace those losses. Tech does bring pressure from the secondary at times, but I’m not sure single coverage will be in their best interest.

Plummer had a reputation at Purdue for playing too safe and not pushing the ball down the field. While we’ll have to wait to see if Plummer has gained some confidence in this area, he really shouldn’t have to air it out much to have a big day. Plummer’s skill guys are really good after the catch and the quick game for Louisivlle should be very good against a defense that doesn’t have great speed from what I’ve seen.


It’s early in the season, so this isn’t breaking news or anything but I do think that Georgia Tech’s offense will be better than it was last season. Tech has a group of receivers that all look to be able to make plays in the passing game. Malik Rutherford and Christian Leary are quick and shifty players in the slot and Tech will use them in different ways. I expect at least a few big plays from one of them.

UofL has speed to burn on offense this season as well as depth at the skill positions. If this offense can run the ball well, it will be very hard to not give up big plays as a defense. Guys like Jamari Thrash and Kevin Coleman will consistently beat single coverage if defenses are forced to put more guys into the box to stop the run. I’m anticipating a good running game which will lead to big plays in the air and on the ground.