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Louisville Releases 2023 Football Media Guide

Let’s Play Football

Arguably one of the best days of the year (maybe wedding anniversary and kids birthdays are floating around near the top as well) is the day the University of Louisville hits the publish button on the annual football media guide. A wealth of knowledge, some insight into the upcoming season, and your first look at something semi-formal that resembles a depth chart.

But first, lets take a moment to soak in that glorious cover....front and back

While covers are cool and reading through the remainder will occupy the next month of my life, this is typically where I would get to the ‘Top Gun’ of the guide and what draws the most eyeballs a little over a month from kickoff, and that's the projected depth chart heading into the fall. Except....there isn’t one. I’ve scanned it a few times and nothing. This may be my first Jeff Brohm disappointment since hire. Instead we only get a positional overview heading into the fall (looks like it was too late for Capers to make the cut).

While I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed, the rest of the guide should be a fun read, especially with so many transfers and the new staff to highlight. Soak it in everyone...season is right around the corner!

Happy Media Guide Day!!!