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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Reece Gaines in the house at Woody’s.

—Louisville has added Villanova and Charlotte to its schedule for the 2026 football season. That means the Cards’ home schedule for that year will be comprised of those two teams, Georgia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Wake Forest.

—Phil Steele has Louisville as a 1-point favorite over Kentucky in his early lines for 2023 marquee games.

—Kenny Payne and his current roster got a taste of what could/should be last night inside Freedom Hall.

What Kenny Payne’s players saw was an up-close-and-personal reminder of what Louisville basketball was and what fans are howling for it to become again.

A point guard (Peyton Siva, with 7 assists and one turnover) who puts the ball where the ball needs to be. Siva set a tone of sharing the ball with precision. After practicing together for less than a week, The Ville only threw the ball away five times.

An assassin (Smith with a game high 21 points) who scored all eight of Louisville’s points after the target score was set, including back-to-back three pointers to end the game.

A relentless inside force like Chinanu Onuaku, who delivered 16 points, 8 rebound and 4 assists in 27 efficient minutes.

“That was awesome,” said Montrezl Harrell, a non-playing former Card who stood and roared from his front row seat.

“It was amazing,” said Siva, who has not lost a step from the form he showed while leading U of L to the 2013 (since vacated) NCAA title.

“That’s what Louisville basketball is about. That’s what this city is about. You saw the energy. You saw it pushed us to an extra gear. It was amazing that fans came out and supported us like this because we’re 10 years removed.”

—Eric Crawford writes about Jeff Brohm and the pressure of coming home.

—The long-awaited bipartisan bill from Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has been introduced. It does not seem likely to go anywhere.

—Everything about last night was cool.

—Tickets for Thursday night’s game at Freedom Hall can be purchased here.

—Kaleb Glenn joins Madden Sanker and Luke Burgess for the latest episode of L&M Eats.

—Seventeen Kentucky-born golfers have made at least one PGA cut in the last decade. That ranks Kentucky ninth among all states.

—Get ready for Louisville-Georgia Tech with a live Mike Rutherford Show following a round of golf.

—Virginia Tech offensive guard Jesse Hanson, a starter from last season, is expected to miss the entire 2023 season because of injury concerns.

—High-profile home-and-home series seem to be coming back to college basketball. First, it was North Carolina-Kansas earlier this week, now it’s Gonzaga-San Diego State. We’re also getting Duke and Arizona starting a series this season.

—Even with these deals being done, college basketball is seeing more neutral site games than ever before, which is a disservice to the fans and the sport.


Excited to watch Messi score 137 MLS goals.

—The Celtics signed Jaylen Brown to the biggest contract in NBA history.

—It’s a rematch of the 2019 Women’s World Cup Final tonight at 9 when the U.S. faces the Netherlands. Here’s a preview.

—Louisville’s Max Kennedy has debuted at No. 20 in the PGA Tour University Rankings.

—A night of watching solid point guard play has me foaming at the mouth.

—The 2024 Olympics in Paris are just a year away, but no one in France seems to care.

—Dave Smart, who built an unparalleled powerhouse at Carleton in Canada, has joined the hoops staff at Texas Tech.

—Good stuff here from Bryan Hudson.

—Louisville Report looks at how the new Madden game has former Louisville players rated.

—The State of the U (Miami) loves the Schnellenberger Trophy.

—College basketball coaches anonymously say who they think the best coach in the sport is, and Scott Davenport gets a nod from someone in the SEC.

A Coach in the ACC: Rick Pitino (St. John’s) is the best X’s and O’s coach I’ve gone up against—maybe the best job scouting and preparing for opponents that I’ve seen.”

A Coach in the Big 12: It’s Fran Dunphy (LaSalle) by a mile. Strategic floor spacing. Creative use of personnel. Excellent clock management. Unique play design. Extraordinary defensive schemes and effort.”

A Coach in the ACC: “Dennis Gates (Missouri), Andy Enfield (USC), Micah Shrewsberry (Notre Dame), Juwan Howard (Michigan), and Brian Earl (Cornell).”

A Coach in the SEC: “Matt Painter (Purdue) comes to mind. Rick Byrd (former Belmont head coach) and Scott Davenport (Bellarmine) are some really good mid-major guys too. They all know their system, and they recruit to their system. They have conviction in their beliefs. Their teams are direct extensions of what they believe in.”

A Coach in the American: “Kevin Stallings (former Pittsburgh and Vanderbilt head coach). He is purely counters and execution. He had answers to every way you guarded his stuff. It was like a clinic tape.”

A Coach in the Big 12: “Mark Madsen (Cal). He runs an NBA-type system. He has specific actions for specific players to get them to what they do best.”

A Coach in the Big East: “I would have to go with Greg McDermott at Creighton. He’s a terrific offensive coach, which makes them hard to defend. He also does a great job scouting the opponent, taking away your first option and forcing you to find other ways to score.”

A Coach in the ACC: “Mike Young (Virginia Tech) and Buzz Williams (Texas A&M). Both of them, they are very detail-oriented, and they actually execute. They have counters to the counters. It makes it very hard to know what they’re running. It also helps they can shoot the ball, especially Mike’s kids.”

A Coach in the American: “Bill Self (Kansas). With him, it’s the late-game execution. It’s like you know the play coming but just couldn’t stop it. They execute so well. He wins every close game, it’s truly amazing. And he always has plays that he knows he can get a freaking layup with. It’s a killer.”

A Coach in the Big 12: “Mike Young (Virginia Tech) and Herb Sendek (Santa Clara). With Mike, it’s the spacing, actions, and counters he runs. With Herb, He runs player-specific actions. He is also great with ATOs and with counters.”

A Coach in the ACC: “Casey Alexander from Belmont. He’s really good; just always feels like he’s in control.”

A Coach in the Big East: ”Matt Painter (Purdue), Tod Kowalczyk (Toledo), and Greg McDermott (Creighton). They have nice sets that you have to do concepts to guard. While other coaches are easy to prep for, they keep you on your toes. The spacing and counters keep you on edge.”

A Coach in the Big Ten: “Matt Painter (Purdue), by far. Fred Hoiberg, when he was at Iowa State, was good too, but Painter has 30,000 sets and counters. He gives you set after set, and you can’t scout them all.”

A Coach in the ACC: “It’s Rick Pitino (St. John’s) and Bill Self (Kansas)

I will not sleep until I find out who gave the Kevin Stallings answer.

—MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has received a 4-year extension.

—Cardinal forever Nick Mayo’s dunk from last night landed at No. 2 on SportsCenter’s top plays.

—Louisville Wing Week is coming next month.

—The Daily Hoosier (Indiana) has a preview of Louisville.

—Chip Patterson of CBS writes about how Jeff Brohm plans on providing an immediate return on investment in his first season at U of L.

Brohm doesn’t bring in more than two dozen transfers if he’s working on a multi-year rebuild plan. His actions have already indicated that he wants to compete immediately. If you didn’t pick up on what the Cardinals staff has been up to in the last seven months, he’s willing to lay it out more explicitly.

“In today’s age of college athletics it’s about winning now,” Brohm said. “It’s about doing it, in my opinion, with our current football team and any new pieces we’ve added, and we want to do that in Year 1, and it’s important that you do that.”

And while it’s Year 1 for Brohm and Louisville, he is feeling the perspective that comes with a decade of coaching experience. There’s urgency to win now, but there’s also the knowledge that there will be setbacks in the climb.

“I just think the fact that I’m fortunately going on my tenth year as a head coach, you’ve been battle-tested. I’ve been in some tough football games where we found a way to win against opponents that maybe we weren’t expected to win against,” Brohm said. “[At Purdue] we found ways to get to Big Ten Championship Game at a place that had not done that ever before, and then we found ways to get up on off the ground when we got knocked down when we shouldn’t.”

Louisville is buzzing for the Jeff Brohm era, and he’s responded with efforts to deliver results right away. Now, he’s hoping the message of competitiveness and resiliency will pay off in a team that the Louisville community can be proud of — and in doing so, return the investment they’ve made in him.

—The Pack Pride Podcast has Jody Demling on to preview Louisville.

—The Professional Lacrosse League could be looking at Kentucky for a new club.

—And finally, C.L. Brown writes that while Jeff Brohm has brought in a ton of new faces, it’s the familiar ones that may play the biggest part in year one success.