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Seedy K’s GameCap: Pittsburgh

A pall of ennui has now fully enshrouded U of L hoops.

As if it hadn’t already.

No texts from my peeps during the action.

No ACC announcers actually courtside in the Oakland Zoo.

Malaise has become epidemic. Vaccines are being beta tested.

As I write, Pitt has just made its first five shots of the 2d half. The first three from beyond the arc.

This, after the Panthers hit 62% of their attempts in the 1st, including 60% of their triples (9/15). With 14 assists on 16 made shots.

The score, Pitt 60, Louisville 28.

Six different Panthers have netted a triple.

For the first time in awhile, turnovers aren’t the culprit for U of L’s demise.

Bad slow defense.

Not much offense.

Little energy.

* * * * *

At the open, U of L looked like a real basketball team.

For 6:24 anyway. The score was knotted at 14.

U of L called a timeout with 4:41 left before halftime.

38-17 Panthers. The Cards had been outscored 3-24.

During one stretch, U of L went over five minutes without a FG.

It was not the only such drought.

* * * * *

As you might have discerned, I am writing this during the 2d half of the game. Early in the 2d actually.

During the timeout at this moment, with 11:17 until the final buzzer shall mercifully sound, it is Pittsburgh 70-42.

The home team has canned a couple more threeballs since what I wrote above.

* * * * *

I am already laughing at my foolishness here in attempting to offer some perspective.

But I shall anyway. My personal mercenary security force is on call.

After this victory is official, the Panthers will stand 17-7 overall, and 10-3 in the ACC, a legit contender to win the conference title.

Jeff Capel’s record in the league over his first four seasons: 3-15, 6-14, 6-10, and 6-14.

Capel, recall, took over the program reeling from the ravages of Kevin Stalling’s tenure.

With a significant portion of the Panther fanbase screaming for his head, he was given the time to rebuild the culture. The results are in the record.

Oh, how I am going to be excoriated for my inference that U of L’s Kenny Payne deserves similar deference. If not quite as long a time to turn it around.

* * * * * *

It’s now 77-48 Pitt.

On a recent possession, Hercy Miller and Manny Okorafor fought for four offensive boards. But couldn’t score.

So it goes.

* * * * *

I’m a little surprised why I’m so mellow while watching this, arguably the Cards worst performance in a season full of all-time bad ones?

I always go back to my vow after the ‘13 title. That it would be all gravy from then on. That includes the greasy spoiled stuff that you have to toss in the trash.

And, we all oughta have something else, right? Not totally live and die with the fortunes of our favorite team. (Though there were times when I did.)

So, yeah, here’s the why. I firmed up most of my plans for my 34th JazzFest the end of April. Going to be savoring Chicken a la Grandé at Mosca’s with friends. Going to hear great Crescent City tuneage, plus a bunch of bands from around the world I wouldn’t hear live anywhere else.

While hangin’ with good pals from hither and yon.

And hear, one more once, Tedeschi Trucks Band, my most favorite.

The Cards suck. It makes me so very sad. But hope awaits come recruiting/ transfer portal season.

Before that, New Orleans tuneage and crawfish strudel await.

* * * * *

The final: 91-57.

— c d kaplan