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“The Truth” with Master P and Mike Rutherford debuts tonight at 7

A new sports TV show is coming to Louisville, and it’s one you never saw coming.

Over the years I’ve typed a lot of sentences in this space that have seemed pretty surreal. Perhaps none more so than the sentence I’m about to type.

I am doing a new sports television show with Master P. It starts tonight.

“The Truth” with Master P and Mike Rutherford will air live tonight from 7-8 on WBNA 21. It’ll also be available on YouTube for those who can’t catch it live. We will talk local sports, national sports, as well as some news and entertainment stories.

For the Louisville crowd, it’s worth remembering that Master P has a son on the U of L men’s basketball team, so getting his take on the current state of things should be very interesting.

In addition to myself and Master P, the show will feature some big name guests (P can get LeBron James and Demar DeRozan, I might be able to get Brian Brohm ... if his schedule is clear enough) as well as some additional hosts as time goes on.

We’ll have more information on the show during a press conference at 2 p.m. (no idea what you wear to a Master P press conference so I’m going with standard attire) at the Galt House, and then Master P will be on my radio show this afternoon at 4.

My whole professional career has actually just been about the pursuit of a No Limit chain. If it doesn’t happen now, the last 15 years will have all been for nothing.