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The Koron Davis mega mystery continues

One of the more bizarre player sagas in the history of Louisville basketball intensified on Friday.

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I don’t know if Koron Davis is ever going to play an official minute of basketball for the University of Louisville. Even if that’s the case, it will do nothing to alter his status as one of the most fascinating Cardinals in the history of the program.

Davis came out of nowhere last January when he committed to U of L. Not literally nowhere, but about as close as you can come.

The Los Angeles Southwest (JUCO) guard was not featured in the top 100 2023 JUCO player rankings from, and didn’t have a recruiting profile page on any of the major sites.

This was ... odd.

The oddness continued.

Davis was the only player whose official quote from Kenny Payne on the day of his signing did not feature the word “character.” Perhaps an oversight, perhaps a sign of the strangeness to come.

Reports varied throughout the summer surrounding Davis’ ability and surrounding what position he might play for U of L. When Cardinal fans finally got an opportunity to see him in action in the Red-White Scrimmage and in the exhibition game against Simmons College, Davis looked, well, lost. He didn’t play in the exhibition loss to Kentucky Wesleyan and has didn’t appear in either of Louisville’s first two games of the regular season.

Early in the second week of the regular season, a rumor spread like wildfire through the U of L fan base that Davis had been involved in an altercation with Payne during a practice, and that security had feen forced to break it up. U of L has vehemently denied the rumor, as have both Payne and Davis, who both either directly or indirectly has acknowledged that they are aware of it.

A week after that, Davis was noticeably absent from the Cardinal bench and then did not make the trip to New York with the rest of the team. Payne has never gone into specifics about the situation, saying only that Davis is “still a part of the team” and “not in any trouble.”

During the Bellarmine game last week, Davis was spotted in the crowd.

Payne was asked about this during his media availability on Friday, and said the following:

“I have nothing to say about Koron Davis. Koron Davis is not in trouble. I didn’t know he was at the game, but, if he was, that’s fine with me. He’s a part of this team right now.”


I don’t have any more of an idea of what the hell is going on here than anyone else. I’m assuming (and hoping) that it’s something academic or something else in a realm where Payne feels like he’s acting in the kid’s best interest by keeping details to a minimum. I would argue that taking this route has only allowed more sinister rumors to take shape and flourish, but that’s me.

What I do know is that stating that an absent player is “still part of this team” and stating that you had no idea whether or not he attended said team’s game a week prior is absolute insanity.

Then again, insanity has become normality whenever Kenny Payne gets behind a mic. Especially when the topic is Koron Davis.