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Seedy K’s GameCap: Virginia Tech

What a difference a decade or two or three plus an annum or two make.

On January 30, 1985, Virginia Tech led by one Dell Curry — you may have heard of his son — bashed an eventual 19-18 Cardinal team in Freedom Hall, 81-61.

Then U of L turned the Hokies into bird cage fodder. Winning 11 straight.

Then during Denny Crum’s first losing season in ‘90-’91, VT beat the Cards twice, at Freedom Hall and then Cassell Coliseum.

After which blip in the Cardinals domination, U of L prevailed 17 times in a row.

28 0f 30 over a long long period of time.

Louisville fell Sunday afternoon, 68-75, for the third time in a row.

* * * * *

The Hokies did not need a FG in the final 4:19 to win it.

Louisville didn’t make one for the last 2:26 of play.

The Cards were bested 36-26 in the paint. Brandon Huntley-Hatfield played rather well actually (14 and 9, a couple blocks), but wore down in 38 minutes of PT. Dennis Evans was a DNP because of a shoulder injury. Manny Okorafor was ineffectual, especially defensively in two minutes of play.

Cards were -21 in bench points, garnering only 10 off the pine, all by Ty-Laur Johnson.

Mike James, Tre White and Skyy Clark all hit double figures.

* * * * *

U of L started strong. VT steadied and led 31-30 at intermission.

The victors scored deuces in the paint on their first four touches in the 2d.

Louisville steadied, and led by one as late as 10:41 at 48-47.

Tech had the Cards measure the rest of the way, and pulled away late for that final margin when Cards were scrambling.

* * * * *

Louisville didn’t play badly in their ACC opener on the road.

But not good enough, falling to 4-4 on the season.

Next: DePaul.

— c d kaplan