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Seedy K’s GameCap: Florida State

Don’t be expecting any in depth analysis here.

It’s late. I’m tired. My eyes are bloodshot from 24 hours of football. It’s well past my bedtime. My stomach hurts because I ate way too much popcorn out of nervousness.

I have no desire to have to wake up in the morning and write this thing.

And, I’m bummed.

Because the Louisville Cardinals lost their second game in a row in one of the least exciting exhibitions of football I’ve ever seen. Even Joe Tessitore couldn’t muster his usual faux exuberance, though he tried.

Louisville 6, Florida State 16.

* * * * *

One guy’s take, mine:

Jack Plummer’s pick in the endzone on a drive that started at the Florida State 12 after the Cards smothered the Seminole punter was Not the biggest play of the game.

Though, had the Cardinals taken advantage of that field position, the outcome might have been different.

No, it says here, the biggest play of the game was Lawrence Toafili’s 73 yard run right after the Cardinals had knotted the game midway through the 3d at 3-3.

Toafili scored on the next play.

Any U of L momentum, all the engendered hope immediately dissipated into the Charlotte night.

The Cards never fired after that. (As if they had really at any time before.)

Louisville’s Defense as they have all year played big, kept the Cards in the battle.

But, that one major slip up sealed U of L’s fate.

* * * * *

When I consider the one nagging vexation that has plagued U of L in, let’s face it, a marvelously successful ten win Top 25 campaign, I go back to Jeff Brohm’s response at the Media Day press conference in August when asked about QB Jack Plummer.

His exact words escape me. But his reticence does not. The manner of his reply indicated a wariness of what might be in store. I wrote in my notes that Brohm believes it will be a crap shoot, he knows Plummer is not the answer.

So the good, bad and ugly has come to pass.

Plummer is not a horrible QB as many frustrated Louisville fans shout.

But he is certainly no better than average.

There have been moments when his maturity and game management have helped the Cardinals prevail. And an equal measure when his lack of big timeness has manifested itself to Louisville’s detriment.

Against Florida State, the mediocre Plummer appeared. (By the by, he’s not the only one who didn’t come with his A game.)

The reality is, even with a 3d string signal caller, the Seminoles are significantly better football team than Louisville. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

* * * * *

Many of the bowl projections — just guesses remember — have Louisville playing somebody like Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.

I frankly would rather not have that to look forward to. As much progress as there has been in Brohm Year I, Louisville isn’t near at that level yet.

I’m not saying I’m wishing for a visit to the Pop Tarts Bowl against North Montana A&M, where with a W they could eat the game mascot afterward. Literally.

But a manageable foe in a warm clime at prime time (and no Andre Ware in the announcer booth) would suit me fine.

And I now realize, as the clock strikes midnight, I’m rambling nonsensically. My thought processes have turned to mush.

(If there are any typos, be gentle. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll fix ‘em in the morning.)

Bottom line on 12/03/23, the Louisville Cardinals are 10-3.

Something damn cool, to be proud of, that none of us imagined possible before the year’s kickoff.

— c d kaplan