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Louisville loses ACC Championship Game: 16-6

“what could have been”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 02 ACC Championship Game - Louisville vs Florida State Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Entering this season we knew that Jeff Brohm had recruited a solid and serviceable transfer QB in Jack Plummer. That player helped us receive our first double-digit win season since 2013 including one of the most exciting wins in school history, a 33-20 win over Notre Dame.

But as a program that has been spoiled with Top-15 quarterbacks for the last 30 years, it’s been hard watching an average to above-average QB play and the results that have come with. It’s not hard to pinpoint the Pitt loss to poor QB play, the UK loss to QB mistakes, and it’s definitely not outrageous to point out the issues in tonight’s loss when so many chances were given.

Louisville scored 6 points. But FSU scored only 16 point. I’m as upset as anyone is about Louisville’s opponent’s not being penalized a single time in six (6!) quarters of play, but that’s where we found ourselves. But we were still in striking distance with FSU’s 3rd-string QB playing.

The defense tonight played at a championship-level. But time and time again the offense fell flat and when we needed them most, they came up empty. There’s no worse example than when the Cards were trailing 7, after receiving the ball inside the 15-yard-line off a botched punt, the ACC refs who weren’t at their best ruled an obvious touchdown pass, that would have tied the game, incomplete. This gave the ‘Nole’s the ball back and the opportunity to seal the game.

There’s really not much to summarize from this game other than that Louisville’s and FSU’s defenses were outstandsing, and when Louisville needed the offense to step up most, they fell flat on their face.

There really wasn’t too much that was impressive from FSU playing with their third-string QB, but their defense did more than enough to slow down the Cards and make it a grind for the win. Despite UofL’s great play calling and Jack Plummer’s efforts, there just wasn’t enough there to pull of the win.

Now with the Alabama win over Georgia, Louisville’s hopes of making a NY6 bowl hangs in the balance. Georgia losing to Bama doesn’t help, and Louisville has to pray that the commitee values an undefeated FSU team over Bama and Texas. If not, Louisville may find itself in a.non-NY6 bowl, despite winning 10 regular season games.

It’s a frustrating end to a great season, and it’s a game that Louisville had multiple chances of winning. But in the end we made the most mistakes once again, and we were hampered by our serviceable QB holding us back.

Hopefully the Cards still have a big game to play for, but it’s not going to be easy thinking about the missed opportunities against UK and FSU for the next couple weeks.