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Jathan Hatch Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Louisville at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


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Jathan Hatch is the embodiment of an “athlete” for his high school. He plays running back (14.4 ypc, 1200+ yards, 21 tds) wide receiver (123 yards, 3 tds) returner (2 KO return tds, 2 PR tds), and safety (53 tackles, 6 INTs, 2 pick-sixes) for his team and excels at just about everything on the football field. Hatch played against poor competition and dominated as a much better athlete than everyone else on the field but it’s obvious what the staff sees in him.

Hatch looks like a guy who could grow into the hybrid linebacker/safety role that Ben Perry and Antonio Watts played this season but if not, he should develop into a contributor that does well in run support at the very least. Hatch wasn’t challenged much from a competition standpoint but one thing that he will have to work on in college is hip flexibility and overall movement skills.