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Deuce Adams Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Murray State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


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Louisville is getting an athletic quarterback with a live arm in Adams. He has shown that he can make throws at all three levels and he can change up his velocity and throwing motion when needed. His baseball background shows up when he throws on the run and when he starts to get creative with his throwing motion. It reminds me a bit of Patrick Mahomes and how he just kinda flings the ball at times.

Adams’ arm strength is the biggest asset he has when it comes to his potential development. His deep ball accuracy flashes at the high school level and he can push the ball down the field with little effort. He is also a good athlete who will likely be able to handle the quarterback run plays we saw this past season. Adams will need to put on a substantial amount of weight and bulk but he will have plenty of time to do so.