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Dylan Mesman Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Louisville at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports


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OFFERS: Michigan State, UK, Miami, Auburn, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech



You can’t teach size and Mesman has a great frame. He is 6-5 and long and his build will allow him to put on more weight and muscle over the next few years. Mesman is an above-average athlete with solid jumping ability and catch radius. He can also run well enough to get open and create separation. His intensity on the field jumps out when he’s blocking in space and he actually shows some pass-rushing skills at defensive end.

Mesman is an easy guy to get excited about as he shows advanced route running skills for a high school tight end. He also has some skills after the catch that can be developed as he gets accustomed to college. Not many freshmen will see the field with the way Brohm is using the portal but Mesman is a guy that should be on the field sooner than later.