Duke SB Nation Board / Nolan Smith Endorsed

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It's also apparent to me about interim. You don't pass on the Coach K disciple.

Smith has been coaching for seven years, five at Duke and two at Louisville. It’s impossible for most of us to gauge his strategic abilities since he’s never been a head coach, but Blue Devil fans have an idea of his personality and his competitive drive.

He also got a chance to learn a lot both playing for and then working for Mike Krzyzewski.

Look, there’s not really much of an argument about this: Louisville basketball is in the crapper. It just is. It’s likely to be another lost season.

If your choices are to go with an introverted Manning, a guy who has always been known for his reserve and lack of visible emotion, or a dynamic young guy like Smith, who could conceivably surprise as a head coach, which do you put your chips on?

To our way of thinking, given what Manning has shown in his previous stops, it almost has to be Smith.