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Seedy K’s GameCap: Arkansas State

Louisville 63, Arkansas State 75.

There is no defense.



It was how another underwhelming foe scored at will driving the lane. On U of L’s own Dunking Cardinal hardwood.

The Red Wolves bested the Cardinals on points in paint 48-28. After intermission the victors tallied 32 in the lane, matching U of L’s total from anywhere.

State did not make a FG in the final 4:18. Won by a dozen.

U of L ended the game on a 7-0 run over the final 1:52. To cut the final deficit to 12.

The smaller squad, the ones wearing red, outrebounded the home team by 5, winning the 2d chance point battle by 9.

U of L had 5 assists on 22 made field goals. Arkansas State had 13, canning 8 more FG.

Worst of all, the University of Louisville Cardinals quit.


* * * * *

And that more dismaying than ever L might not have been the U of L Basketball Program’s most discomposing act of the day.

The manner in which the school handled the end of Koron Davis’s membership on the squad was, at the very least, hamhanded. Woefully embarrassing.

If you don’t want to reveal the details of the schism, to leave the public dangling dangling in the wind, fine. At least report the truth how the relationship became final.

Attendance was, given the context of the past half century, incomprehensible. The Yum! was empty.

My heart is crying.

— c d kaplan