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Louisville Wins Over UC 77-59

University of Louisville WBB SNS

Welcome to a new women’s basketball season! There’s a lot of new faces and a lot of fresh energy but so far the winning tradition is the same as the Cards defeat Cincinnati 77-59.

That said, this team still has a lot of room for growth as is to be expected with so many new players. Louisville had 8 turnovers in the first quarter and Coach Walz didn’t even make his joke about the bakery being open so he probably anticipates that he’ll need to keep that one in his pocket for further down the road. He did say, “Did we look great? No. But we figured out a way to score 77 points. Our second quarter I thought we looked really good.” The Cards outscored Cincy 22-7 in the second quarter.

Sydney Taylor, a grad transfer from UMass, led Louisville in scoring with 16 points. Jayda Curry, a transfer from Cal, had 13 points and 2 assists. Olivia Cochran had 10 rebounds and 7 points. He praised the play of Georgia Tech transfer Eylia Love on the press, “[She] did a great job on the top of the press. When we count up the number of deflections she had it was outstanding. She really got us going there we had some steals. She’s somebody when you look at her stat line she was 0-2, 2-2, 1 rebound, it says no steals but we were +19 when she was in the game. Don’t let a stat line give you the impression that she didn’t play well. I thought she played a really, really solid game.”

Next up the Cards have their first home game against DePaul (DePaul Day!). The game is Sunday, November 12th at 4PM. The game can be seen on the ACC Network. Coach Walz hopes for a big turnout for that game but said “First off I hope we’ll get a sell out on Thursday night. We’ve got a football team we’re 8-1 right now and we need to fill that stadium. We’ve been wanting this and waiting for it to happen... we’ve got a chance to go to the ACC championship game and I hope everyone in town will come out and support them. What Jeff’s done is absolutely amazing.... It’s uplifted the entire city and our Athletic Department and I’m proud of them.”