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#13 Louisville routs Virginia Tech, 34-3

Ass. Whoopin. Again.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Matt Stone/Louisville Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

There’s only so many ways to say it, and it never gets old: this game was an ass. whoopin’.

This was a Va Tech team that had won three of their last four games by scoring in the thirties in those three wins. If you weren’t paying attention, this Va Tech team didn’t score more than three points.

Even with all the injury rumors surrounding this team heading into the most important conference game of the season, the Cards stepped up and steam rolled a buzzing Va Tech team that was hoping to make a big impression with their new QB and new head coach who was finally finding some footing.

But they ran into Louisville’s buzz saw of a defense and offense, even with injuries in key positions, and got, in laymen’s terms, their ass kicked 34-3. This is just beyond exciting and not something most of us could have foreseen prior to this game, let alone prior to this season.

Beating one of the ACC’s best brands like this is not something to ever take for granted, especially with what was on the line tonight in the battle for sole possession of second place and a trip for Charlotte in the ACC Championship Game. But we did it in the most dominating and assertive ways possible, and Cards fans should be beyond thrilled with what’s left to play for with just three games remaining.

I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have high-stakes games in November. It hasn’t happened often in the last fifteen years, but here we are. Playing for a trip to Charlotte. In a power conference. With Jeff Freaking Brohm. It doesn’t get much more fun or exciting than this.

The Cards continue to control their own destiny, and despite the alarming injury report, they are just two wins away from playing Florida State for all the marbles. Pretty damn exciting and fun, especially for Brohm’s first season.

I know this recap is largely big-picture, but it’s hard not to look ahead. I do want to give special props to the Ron English and the defense who have been outstanding these last few weeks and the offense who has fought through injuries in the same time frame and delivered some very convincing victories. This is the kind of team and high stakes we dreamt about in the summer of this year, and here we are with just three games left with so much to play for still.

This is the good stuff. Savor it while it lasts. Seasons like this don’t come around often, but hopefully they will with this staff.

Go Cards.