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Everything Jeff Brohm said after Louisville’s loss to Kentucky

Our lives are over.

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


Louisville head coach Jeff Brohm (Opening statement)

“We didn’t do enough to win. It was a disappointing loss. That is on us. Every loss is disappointing. This is disappointing. I thought we hung in there in the first half. We came out in the second half, take it down and score, give up an untouched kickoff, which is ridiculous. Then take it down and score to answer again and then give up to wide open wheel routes. A two-play drive is ridiculous. We are giving up way to many big plays on defense. Special teams need to more consistent. On offense, we can’t have two fumbles that really hurt us. So, if you do those things, you are not going to win. So, we didn’t deserve to win, they did. We have work to do. Now we have to go play a really, really good opponent and if we can’t get those things corrected then it might not be a fun day for us. So, we have a lot of work to do this week.”

(About going up 17-7 and possibility that team lost focus and what was pressure point) “Well, I don’t know. There was a kickoff return when the guy went untouched. Obviously, we had too many guys into the boundary. They bounced it to the field, and he was untouched. It’s bad. Then we respond again and then give up two wide-open wheel routes. Ridiculous. I don’t know, there was a bust here or there. There might have been some coaching things we need to do better. There are a lot of things, as I look at it, probably need to be corrected and fixed. So, I am not going to blame it all on the players. I think we need to do a better job coaching and making sure we put our guys in a better position to make those plays. “

(About the two fumbles being good defense or carelessness) “No we didn’t do a good enough job protecting the ball. We work ball security every day. Probably more so than any team in the country and have done a great job thus far of not fumbling the ball much this year – which is hard to do. Interceptions occasionally happen. We have done a great job of not fumbling the ball. We let one sneak out and they got a touchdown that shouldn’t have happened. Luckily the call was in our favor. We were just trying for a few extra yards, but we can’t let the ball come out. We are driving the ball down the field, and you have to secure the football. Quarterback starts scrambling and I know he is trying to get some extra yards and the first down, but you have to protect the football. You can’t display it so they can put their helmet on it and punch it out. Attention to detail needs to happen. They made a couple of physical plays and knocked it out and it hurt us.”

(About what went wrong on Ray Davis’ touchdown) “I can’t tell from the sideline. He was untouched, which is ridiculous. We wanted to push him back because they were almost in field goal range. We pretty much had an all-out blitz called and someone didn’t contain their gap and he snuck through. That sometimes happens when you are blitzing and hoping to get a negative play. But if one person does not do their job, it is going to create a crease. I am going to assume that is what happened just from looking at it from the field. When I see it on video, I will be able to tell you.

(On the penalties and the emotions of the game) “Completely disappointing. We couldn’t have talked about that garbage any more than we did. And the person who did it is a great player for us. He’s a great young man… it can’t happen. And it was costly – costly penalties. Just foolish, childish and our guys are better than that and that person is better than that too and I’m sure we’ll get it fixed, but that stuff can’t happen.”

(Is there anything you’ve seen on the third down defense that teams might be taking advantage of?)

“To be quite honest, I think the last three games on defense have been subpar and we need to do better than that. So, it will start with me and our coaches first, we need to have a better plan. I think that’s the main culprit, there needs to be a better plan put in place to make sure it doesn’t happen and you give up 100 yard rushers and 300 yard passers and a ton of points in three straight games. So we’ve just got to get it fixed and we work it down to our players and we’ve got to put them in position to succeed and they’ve got to go make plays. Sometimes when you’re doing something, there has to be a little change here and there. There has to be something they haven’t seen, you can’t just run the same thing every week against really good opponents. There’s got to be some creativity and some coaching going on, so we need to make sure we do that.”

(What was Kentucky doing up front to stem the blitzes on Devin Leary?) “They had a couple of play actions where they were run-blocking and kind of keeping us on the line of scrimmage and allowing them a little more time to try to make the throw. We’ve got to get off blocks and we’ve got to cover better. There’s too many guys running wide open. When some guys are wide open, it’s easy to make the throw and that’s what they did today. We’ve got to fix that.”

(On the positive takeaways from the game today) “I do think we played to the end. I do think that we found ways to respond in the second half when we’re not playing our best. The fact of the matter is we just gave up too many big plays. You can’t give up that many big plays. You can’t give up those big plays on special teams. It can’t happen and then the two turnovers were costly. So you add those things up and you’re going to lose by seven points just like we did. I like our team, I think they want to win and we’re going to have to just learn from all the mistakes we made today and try not to repeat them as much as we can.”

(Does this loss hurt a little bit more than others and does it help to have the game next week against Florida State to help rebound from that?) “Yes, this one hurts more than the others. We wanted to win this game, we put a lot of emphasis on it. I give Kentucky credit, they came in here and beat us. Congrats to them. We didn’t do a good enough job and yeah it stinks. Our fans were great, they showed out, they wanted to win, they did their parts and we didn’t do ours. So, we’ve got to look in the mirror and man up and work hard to fix it, because we have a top-four opponent that we’ve got to play next week down in Charlotte. We’re going to have to play a whole lot more efficient football to have any chance to be in the game.”