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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

Am I a dumbkopf or what?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Or what. Of course.

I’ve loved Oregon’s Quack since they kickstarted the funky uni trend under Chip Kelly. And never picked against ‘em for a long while. Then something happened and I don’t know what it is? Then I guess I was dazzled by the Utes victory over Southern Cal in the Coliseum. Which in retrospect is looking stupider and stupider by the moment. Silly me.

So I was wrong.

Then there’s the paradigm of idiocy of predicticating UK over the Vols. Kentucky never beats the Vols. Literally. Those few years in my lifetime when the scoreboard had the Wildcats ahead with 00:00 on the clock, I was residing in some alternative universe, and didn’t read it right.

I was wrong. Again.

Woe is moi.

Anyhow, the Cornhuskers continue their uptick under Matt Rhule as I advised. Kansas State whomped Houston as I advised, and U of L’s W over Duke was as dominant as any last weekend.

So, 3-2 again. 31-19 on the campaign.

This week’s winners:

Kent State @ Akron. Why on pigskin planet would I weigh in on this “battle” between MACtion bottom feeders? Here’s why: As homage to my man Ryan McGee and his weekly Bottom Top 10, which provokes smiles every Wednesday morning over my java. Akromonious and State of Kent are regulars in that ignominious grouping. (Yo, McGee, why not callin’ ‘em Kan’t State, hmm?) The Golden Flashes aren’t so golden, and play more like a flash that never made it into the pan. 1-7 with a W over Central Connecticut. The Zips’ lone W in 8 games is over Morgan State. Making this Wednesday Night Must See TV. Zips is short for Zippers — you can look it up. Kent can’t get unzipped.

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State. Given the realignment thing, this one’s been dubbed the last Bedlam. Maybe for Dust Bowl state football, but I don’t have to tell you bedlam is in full growth mode every else in the world. The Cowboys shall be ready. Such as they have been jilted by the Sooners. And, despite his throwback mullet, Mike Gundy can coach. And his squad has won four in a row, including a sweep of the Kansas schools. The Jayhawks of which ruined the Okie’s undefeated season just a week ago. Emotion plays a bit part in this one. So does home turf. Thank you T Boone Pickens for the winners.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia. Not very good UVa had their fans singing “It’s all over now baby blue.” But haven’t done much else, though they did give the Canes a scare. The Wreck have alternated Ls and Ws all season. One of the latter was also over Carolina. If the trend continues, Yellow Jackets lose. But they won’t. Or perhaps maybe they will. Oh, I dunno. If I did, I wouldn’t have to buy Mega Millions tickets. OK, UVa. Yes, that’s my pick.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State. To reach that hallowed echelon of schools who can declare themselves bowl eligible, the 4-4 Cowbells probably need this one. Since their only “easy” game left is against Southern Miss. UK at 5-3 is smidge more comfortable, but still has Bama at home before finishing the year on the road against South Carolina and U of L. Hardly givens. Which is to say, this game between underachievers is important for the both of them. I know nothing about the Bulldogs. Of the Cats, I can share they’re one of the banes of my existence. Yet here I am once again picking them to win away from home. You’d think I’d learn.

Virginia Tech @ Louisville. Train kept a rollin’ all night long/ Train kept a rollin’ all night long/ Train kept a rollin’ all night long/ Train kept a rollin’ all night long. Tiny Bradshaw wrote that tune in ‘51 and it became kind of a rock & roll standard. Johnny Burnette. Yardbirds. Zep. Aerosmith. Etc, etc. Is there any more appropriate manner to signal what’s gonna happen Saturday at the L&N? Nah. With a heave and a ho, Cardinals all day and all night.

— c d kaplan