Kenny Year 2: A Reawakening

All you patient and eager Louisville men's basketball fans out there, the season is near. Like you all, I'm anxiously awaiting the first of many tests against a head coach who's taken the helm from some of the best coaches in the sport. Every triumph will be relief until the next match looms.

Yet, all of you know that there are better coaches out there. So why are we doing this to ourselves? KP was an unknown plus homegrown, so giving him a shot last year when Louisville was torn down seemed as solid of a plan as any available to us. Giving him the benefit of the doubt throughout the year as nothing improved and blaming the cursed four letter org from up north also seemed fitting for why he couldn't achieve more. Yet, all of you know that there are better coaches out there. So why are we still doing this to ourselves?

KP has now failed to live up to any hype he may have had for being an elite recruiter. We're Louisville and there's NIL, so we'll be able to recruit talent with or without KP. Either get more money for NIL or get an elite coach to complement an elite school and recruiting will take care of itself. So let's forget about KPs prowess in recruiting. It's a great team he's got this year, from the rankings, but I'd imagine that many could have similar success at Louisville.

Alright, so that leaves coaching courtside. The greatest question on everyone's mind. He's got his team now and we're all waiting to see what he can do. Develop strategies to frustrate visitors? Inspire the team to rally from behind when playing away? Can he make adjustments to outmaneuver the opposing coach? Would you predict KP to take out a team led by Self, Valentine, Miller, Pitino, or even Cal? If the answer is no, are you really willing to wait until he can recruit the Mon*stars for us to have a good season? If Coach K or Wright or Brad Stevens knocked on the door, we'd hire them right? So, do we not think we're good enough? That we have to find the diamond in the rough?

I don't have anything against KP who was put in a tough position. He talked some crap about the fans, but considering what some of our fans say, I don't judge him for that. However, we've moved into a more favorable position to hire a coach who can once again make us a contender for the championship. We will not ever get a team of superstars, but if we have a superstar coach, we can still win it all. So, why are we still waiting on miracles?

I'm making too much of this and just need to enjoy the season, I get it. I'll eat my hat when KP shocks us all with his strategy and his success. Or, Josh may have the ultimate succession plan in the wings and KP releases the university from its buyout. I guess I'm waiting on miracles too.