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Seedy K: Final Thoughts on Friday’s W

We start with the quarterback, right?

Alway with the QB, isn’t that the imperative?

Yeah, but no. Though we’ll get to the Best Plumm(b)er in Town soon enough.

* * * * *

First one more shout out to a couple of truly impressive TD grabs in paydirt.

Chris Bell showed strength and poise and focus on his. The one that counted, to pull the Cardinals within 3 at 7-10. Bell and the DB fought for the ball, and Bell won.

Then there’s the fantastic grab Jadon Thompson made in the farthest corner of the endzone that coulda shoulda woulda put U of L up 14-7. He fought DB Aydan White for the ball, while getting both feet on the turf before falling out of bounds yet retaining possession.

Bad call.

Cards settled for a 33 yard FG by Oscar-winner Brock Travelstead to tie the score at 10.

* * * * *

Other passing game highlights that immediately come to mind:

That screen pass on the last play of the 1st from Jack Plummer to Ahmari Huggins-Bruce for 15 yards. It was U of L’s first real sign of offensive life.

That 31 yard gain on another screen to Jamari Thrash during Louisville’s opening drive of the 4th.

And, yes, it must be heralded again, the trickeration. That gorgeous if slowly folding double reverse flea flicker screen to Kevin Coleman, resulting in a 26 yard gain.

Screen passes, oh yeah.

Diligent coaches take what the D is willing to offer.

* * * * *

Louisville’s defensive stats don’t especially ring out.

The less than scintillating numbers don’t tell the tale. It was clearly the best effort of the year by Ron English’s troops.

Relentless pressure on Brennan Armstrong. (Who, by the by, throws rainbows, lots of arcing, but no gold at the end against the Cards.)

Sure tackling. Tight secondary coverage.

Cam’Ron Kelly forced a fumble, which Ramon Puryear recovered.

Cam’Ron Kelly picked off a pass. In the endzone. On State’s first drive after intermission. Which was HUGE. Arguably a game changer. Had the Wolfpack gone up 17, it would have been a bad thing.

Quincy Riley’s pick to shut the door at the end was obviously of consequence. To be fair, it was Brooks Robinson taking in a can of corn. Still, he snared it.

Still not sure which Louisville DL or LB it was who pushed the State lineman back into Armstrong causing the errant toss, but it was the key to the closeout.

Ashton Gillotte’s and TJ Quinn’s names were called out a lot. For good reason. They led the Cardinals in tackles. Along with that Kelly fella.

* * * * *

Now to Jack Plummer.

Saturday morning I got several missives in which his game/ his presence was described as awful.

Really now?

While under significant pressure himself, due to State’s relentless D, he want 21/35 for 286 yards. And a touchdown.

Actually two TDs, on both of which he made radar throws.

It appears what many choose only to remember is that horrible pick in the endzone. Which was bad, especially on 1st & Goal at the five. Or the intentional grounding and fumble, neither of which frankly were totally his fault.

What I know here is that several times in my game notes, I jotted down how he’d made mature decisions. Other moments, not so.

Yet bottom line there’s this — awful is as awful does — Jack Plummer is obviously not Caleb Williams.

Yet his team won the game.

He is the starting QB for a team that is undefeated at 5-0(3-0) atop the ACC standings.

And last I checked that contingent has cracked the Top 25, as premature as that ranking might be.

* * * * *

In my lede to my GameCap after the victory, I waxed on about the Cardinals/ Lions Thursday/ Friday double.

But I was remiss — please forgive me fellow grads — for not mentioning another W by the surging 6-1 J.M. Atherton High School Rebels.*

*Don’t be writing in with some “they’re now the Ravens” crap. Ever the Rebels, despite the misguided political correctitude.

* * * * *

I’m obviously pleased as punch about the 5-0 start to the Brohm Family Coaching Era at U of L.

Reality check. Those Ws have come against the schedule ranked #100 by Jeff Sagarin.

Read: one of the easiest of P5 schools.

But, you only play whom you play.

Friday’s W — road win the in league against a legit team — was a great sign of the possibilities of this ‘23 edition of the Cards. Especially when it was a difficult encounter.

Saturday night will let us know for sure.

ABC prime time against that little ol’ school from South Bend.

— c d kaplan