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Pat Narduzzi says 6-0 Louisville squad “very similar” to Scott Satterfield’s teams

Well ... I disagree.

North Carolina v Pittsburgh Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

I don’t think he was trying to be inflammatory, but if Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi wanted to capture the attention of the Louisville fan base, he chose the most surefire route to make that happen.

The crime in question? Comparing Jeff Brohm’s current unbeaten and 14th-ranked Louisville team with the Cardinal teams of the past under Scott Satterfield.

When asked about the differences he’d seen schematically from this U of L squad under Brohm, Narduzzi said the following:

“It’s very similar to Satterfield and what they did last year and what they did the year before during the COVID year — I forget what year we played them. They’ve got a lot of transfers in right now, that’s the first thing. They’ve got, I think a Jackson State and a Georgia State transfer. So they’ve got two hungry guys out there at receiver.

“The receivers are physical. They make plays. They’re quick. They get out of their breaks well. Again, they will block you. I’m impressed with their toughness. I just think Brohm does a great job scheming you up, but they’re a talented football team for sure.”

First of all, don’t play the “I think” card. It’s pretty clear you know exactly where Jamari Thrash and Kevin Coleman came from. (There are also references to “the Jordan kid,” “the Plummer kid,” and “the Gillotte kid.” I can see why he likes Satterfield so much.)

Secondly, how dare you?

This is like when you’ve finally gotten out of the horribly toxic relationship that seemed interminable, found true love and true self-love, and then one of your buddies drunkenly blurts out: “yeah, she actually reminds me a lot of Sarah.”

She is nothing like Sarah. Nothing.

For what it’s worth, Narduzzi went 1-1 against Satterfield, losing 24-10 in Louisville last season and winning 23-20 in Pittsburgh during the COVID year of 2020.