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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Brad and his son Kaiden got to make their field storming debuts on Saturday night.

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—Spread check: Louisville by 7.5.

—Congrats to Mason Reiger and Devin Neal on earning ACC Player of the Week nods.

A former walk-on dominating against Notre Dame and earning a conference POTW honor. THAT’s how it’s done, Rudy.

The best part? Reiger’s dad’s name is Rudi.

—You can watch Kenny Payne’s Monday press conference here.

—I feel like this actually needs to happen.

While we’re at it, let’s get Mangok back here to push the button against Virginia.

—C.L. Brown writes that Louisville’s next big opponent isn’t Pittsburgh, it’s how the team handles success.

—Nolan Smith says it’s true that he interviewed for a head coaching job in the G-League, but also says he was never serious about leaving Louisville.

—Louisville-Notre Dame was the third most-watched college football game of the weekend.

—The fifth-ranked Louisville field hockey team is on the road taking on Indiana this afternoon.

—This college football season has humbled even the greatest minds following this sport.

—Louisville will look to capitalize on the recruiting trail after its huge win over Notre Dame.

—Nick Coffey’s latest vibe check video is here.

—Louisville volleyball’s Elle Glock is the ACC Co-Setter of the Week.

—The top-ranked high school baseball player in Japan is headed to Vanderbilt. Awesome.

—Miami’s coaches — including former Kentucky offensive coordinator Shannon — are taking ownership of maybe the dumbest coaching decision in the history of college football.

“I’ll take full ownership in not taking the knee and giving them the opportunity to have a couple extra plays and preventing us from sealing the win,” Cristobal said. “Both coaches and players showed up with a tremendous attitude to get right back to work.”

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson said he called for the handoff, but didn’t elaborate as to what was said on the headsets before the play was called. Dawson said he didn’t sleep Saturday night and called it “as hard of a loss as I’ve had in my career.”

“What we did at the end was the wrong decision,” Dawson said. “I called it, it is what it is. I wish we would have done something different but we didn’t. So gotta live with it. It was the wrong thing to do.”

—State of the U is taking the whole thing in stride.

—Eric Crawford writes that Louisville brought Jeff Brohm home for nights like Saturday.

—I am enjoying the absurd levels of superstition that are taking place throughout our fan base right now.

This is so much fun.

—Kenny Payne and some Cardinal players addressed the crowd at U of L’s annual Tip-Off Luncheon on Monday.

—Murray High athlete Jeremiah Jones left Louisville visit with a scholarship offer this weekend.

—Pat Forde says the college football world should have seen Saturday night coming.

Fourth Quarter: The upset kings

Yeah, we probably should have seen it coming. When oddsmakers established No. 10 Notre Dame as a six-point favorite over Louisville, that was a wheelhouse game for the upset king of college football, Jeff Brohm (31).

During Brohm’s nine-and-a-half seasons as a college head coach—three at Western Kentucky, six at Purdue, half a season so far at Louisville—he’s won 22 times as an underdog. He’s pulled at least one upset every season, and sometimes as many as four. The Notre Dame upset was his 14th in the last five-and-a-half years.

Eight of those 22 have come when Brohm’s team was an underdog by a touchdown or more. He shocked undefeated Marshall as a 23.5-point ‘dog in his first season at Western Kentucky; famously routed Ohio State and Urban Meyer as a 12.5-point ‘dog in 2018; took down 11.5-point favorite Iowa in 2021; and 14-point favorite Illinois last year.

“I like big games,” Brohm said after beating the Fighting Irish. “Our team likes big games. If you can’t get up for those then maybe this sport isn’t for you.”

—U of L athletics employees Laura Clemente and Megan Edwards have been elevated to new positions.

—Louisville is up to No. 3 in the Greenville News ACC power rankings.

—The Tik-Toker who gave L&N Stadium such a rave review over the summer seemed to enjoy his return visit on Saturday.

—Some of the online reactions to Notre Dame’s loss at Louisville are ... golden.

—Jaire Alexander was repping the Cards before Monday Night Football last night.

—The CJ looks at the possibility of Louisville crashing the ACC championship game in Jeff Brohm’s first season.

—Kelly Dickey explains the ACC tiebreaker rules.

—The Louisville men’s soccer team is hosting Ohio State this evening. Here’s a preview.

—Mini ticket plans for the upcoming U of L men’s basketball season are now available.

—Irish Sports Daily rewatched Saturday night’s game and says the film don’t lie.

—This is justified praise. The new field was shining on Saturday night.

—Pat Forde has three plausible scenarios that could throw a major wrench in the College Football Playoff.

—Notre Dame site Slap the Sign says rotating constantly on the offensive line was the worst of many poor decisions by the Fighting Irish coaching staff on Saturday.

—Kenny Payne says the only metric he’s using for a successful second season is “passing the eye test.”

Heading into year two of his tenure at Louisville, Payne’s barometer for success for this upcoming season still isn’t a certain win mark, but it has evolved following an incredibly poor showing from his team in year one.

Speaking at the annual Louisville Men’s Basketball Tip-Off Luncheon and with the media afterwards on Monday, Payne says his main metric for a successful season this time around is “passing the eye test.”

“I want this group to show, not through words, but through actions, the eye test,” Payne said. “I want you guys to be able to look at this team and say, ‘Wow, they play hard. They play together. They talk to each other. You can tell they have a different chemistry. There’s a competitive spirit about these guys. The talent level is better. The character of the team is better. This is a totally different team.’ For me personally, as the head coach here, it is the first step in many of rebuilding this program.”

—The CJ has an early look at Louisville vs. Pitt.

—The depth charts for both the Panthers and Cardinals are out.

—The Mike Goolsby Show sounds off on Notre Dame’s loss to Louisville.

—I am not getting sick of these.

—A pair of Cardinals have been named ACC Swimmers of the Week.

—Pitt offensive line coach Dave Borbely, defensive coordinator Randy Bates and freshman linebacker Braylan Lovelace spoke to members of the media after practice on Tuesday.

—Rick Bozich gives Louisville an A- grade for the first half of its season.

—And finally, Busting Brackets lays out the three biggest questions heading into this year’s Louisville men’s basketball season.