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Jamari Johnson Signs With Louisville Football

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images


ON3 Industry Comparison (Lists all recruiting rankings)

247 Composite: 4-star .8908

Offers: Oregon, Pitt, Alabama, Miami, Michigan State, Washington



You could make a fair argument that Johnson is the most gifted player in the class. He is 6-5/255 and he moves like a literal freak of nature. Johnson played everywhere for his team this year but his primary position was wide receiver. He could score on any route. Slants, screens, deep throws, deep ins, you name it.

He also played running back and quarterback as well as a tight end and H-back. He is essentially an “offensive weapon” and he was good in every role his team put him in. I think Johnson’s ability to make people miss is what stood out to me the most. There’s just not a lot to not like about him as a player.

Out of everyone in the class, Johnson is the most likely to play early, in my opinion. He will need to work on his body just because of the fact that he is a very big player but his athleticism and willingness to block are impossible to ignore. He also walks into a situation where all of the production has moved on. It’s an open competition.