Recruiter, computer, kapooter

Not to knock any of you optimistic folks, but let me try to inject some realism into your world. Are you hoping next season with Kenny Payne will be better because he will get to recruit? You're probably right, insomuch as this season can't be matched in how bad it's been. So now what? You happy with a handful more wins with two point guards on the team instead of one?

Let's say Kenny could have the winning team from the NCAA tournament the previous year. Would he win the tournament with that same team? Of course, that's not a fair scenario. Could Bill Self repeat with the same team? Probably not, lots of influences and factors. But, maybe like, 25% chance he could win again? And KP? Let's be honest, if you gave him a chance in the tourney with every winning team in the last two decades, I don't think he wins the whole tournament much less has a winning record at all with the best teams that season produced. Lots of speculation on my part, but what does your heart of hearts tell you, oh optimistic Cardinals fan?

You all have heard about ChatGPT, the AI thing? I wonder if it could coach our team to more victories.

Basically, what I'm implying, let's hire a coach that can coach. Recruiting is important but secondary not primary! Let's stop this nonsense about "one and dones" bringing our program glory. I wish there was an obvious replacement for KP. There are six hundred men's and women's college basketball teams in America. Many more across the world. Plus pros and national teams. Let's include assistants. Grad assistants. Among all of those options, I imagine at least a thousand folks more capable and many paid far less. The trick is that you want one that'll last and win the whole thing, and if I'm getting greedy, win the whole thing a few times. So now we're getting to the cream of the crop. Maybe just dozens of folks now. Can Josh find one? I'm doubtful. Maybe ChatGPT can? And then ChatGPT can be an assistant too.