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Seedy K’s GameCap: BC

The agony of defeat.

Louisville 65, Boston College 75.

The winter of our discontent — to coin a phrase — drags on.

(I just paused for five minutes — literally — with my fingers on the home row of my ergonometric keyboard, wondering what to write next.)

No matter how much incremental improvement the Cards might put on display, at some point, it simply falls apart.

Focus and discipline at both ends fade.

Energy wanes.

(Honest, not just writing this for dramatic effect, I just paused again for several minutes, with nothing transmitting from thought center to fingers.)

Everybody’s got theories.

I know mine are somewhat more forgiving than most fans, who are really pissed.

I’m more sad than mad. But it’s really hard to take. I’m as unhappy about the whole situation as any Cardinal fan.

There were moments in this game that were turning points. Unlike most of the others.

But, to be honest, is there any reason to dive into them? To point a finger?

Not for me. I’m not going to throw anybody under the bus.

Sorry. Feel free to discuss whatever among yourselves.

I know, my charge here is to provide a game recap.

Again, apologies.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

So, yeah, uh, OK, I’m going to bed now.

Got a dentist appointment early in the morning.

How fitting a way is that to deal with Loss Number 18?

Probably won’t need Novocain, I’m numb enough already.

— c d kaplan