Either Or: coach/team; offense/defense

Let's have a friendly debate please. In your opinion (or if you have statistics, by all means), during a football game when there's a long possession, that team's defense rests, but so does the opposing team's offense. Who benefits more from the rest? I assume the positions which are more physically demanding benefit more, so I'd say defense, but if your offense relies on one or two players, perhaps it's the offense?

Similarly, who's responsible for the success of a team? Is it the coach's responsibility to get W's no matter the talent? Considering the paycheck, considering they're responsible for procuring the talent, I'd lean towards the coaches holding the most weight, but then again... Kids can be talented and life or injuries can change the team dynamic. But, again, who's making millions of dollars on that turf? So the corollary, who's to credit for a W? A young man stepping up, or a coach's plan come to fruition?