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The Cardinal Countdown: 2 Days Until Kickoff

Memphis v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: The 2021 season was not one to hang your hat on for the Miami transfer, appearing in only four games and totaling only four catches for 25 yards. Not playing in the final eight contests of the year it was tough to get a read on what the Cards were getting in the transfer market, but the potential for Dee was showcased in seasons prior. Back in 2020 and 2019 Dee had over 50 receptions total and nearly 800 yards receiving to go along with 7 touchdowns. A deep ball threat who can make plays in space Dee made a name for himself in the Miami program early in his career and is looking to get a fresh start at Miami North (aka Louisville).

2022 Season Outlook: Dee arrived earlier this year and came in with his head down and ready to work. The 6-3 wideout knows he is getting a second chance in Louisville and recently told the media he is trying to take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of him. Step one on that mission, earn playing time, appears to have been accomplished as Dee is listed as one of the three starters at wideout for the game Saturday night. While I will be interested to see how Satterfield and Lance Taylor use Dee in the offense there is no question he can be a playmaker if called upon. Flying a bit under the radar this summer with press on AHB, Braden, and T Huddy, I think Wiggins will make himself known early this year.

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Not sure if it’s the angle of the photo or the car riding low or what but Dee looks like he ’s bout 7’4” in this photo. You sir have indeed “leveled up”….about 10”. Just bought a Cadillac Altima, throw some Dee’s on that B.


2021 Season Recap: Jones was a constant in the secondary last year, starting eleven games and playing in all 13 in one capacity or another. The staff shifted Jones around a bit back in the “outfield” playing a little corner and mixing in some safety at times as well. The four year vet has been a mainstay in a secondary that has been gradually improving the last few seasons and Jones 40 tackles and 7 PBU’s in ‘21 helped move things in a positive direction for that group. While not without fault, Jones earned himself significant PT on a defense that is looking to rebrand itself in 2022.

2022 Season Outlook: A player who has played in and started double digit games for three seasons at the D-I level is something most staffs would gladly sign up for, no matter what position he may play. Jones has shown on numerous occasions he can make big plays and can create disruption at the second level. The challenge of course is that we’ve seen the backside of the #2 jersey a bit too often the last few years as he chases guys into the endzone. Chandler will continue to battle with newcomers Brownlee and Riley at the corner spots but I think the staff likes the fluidity of Jones in their system, and are looking for him to take another step before he finishes his career. My guess is that the newblood creates some nice back and forth in that group and spreading out some of the reps keeps legs fresh and allows guys to make more aggressive plays on the ball, which is right in line with what Jones likes to do.

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Jones has been a part of a good chunk of Cardinal victories during his career. Here’s hoping for more than a few in 2022.


2021 Season Recap: Khalib was lighting it up last season for Clay-Chalkville High , an hour from ‘Roll Tide’ country. The two time team captain was runner up for Mr. Football Alabama after leading the team to an undefeated record as a senior while throwing for over 5,000 yards and 72 touchdowns in his career. Take a peek at some postseason highlights from Khalib last season.

2022 Season Outlook: The staff really likes Khalib and watching him throw it around in the highlights reels I saw I’m impressed with what he can bring as well. His has a nice presence in the pocket and a strong arm to get the ball upfield and let his guys make plays. Listed as a dual-threat QB I saw very little with his legs in the clips I watched but he showed some shiftiness around the goal line more than a few times to get in the endzone. In a countdown first ( I believe) over the last twelve years Khalib is one of three players wearing the #2 this season which leads me to believe they fully intend to redshirt Johnson unless an emergency happens and they need to break the glass early. With all eyes on Clarkson coming in next year do not be surprised if Johnson is in the mix for the starting gig as soon as next season.

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Something about recruiting guys that just win always puts me at ease. If it’s not a blueblood, a top of the line player, go get someone who has stacked up W’s in his career and knows how to pull out victories. Khalib knows what it takes to lead a team to the ultimate goal. Looking forward to watching his development in seasons to come.