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The Cardinal Countdown: 25 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: So yesterday we had “MJ” and today we have “Jordan”. It’s like we’re starting up the summer radio GOAT debates (just kidding, we all know who the GOAT is). Jordan may not be rocking the 23 across his chest but the speedy back inserted some life into the football program late last year after returning from an injury in 2020. The Syracuse transfer was cleared around mid-year but didn’t see action until the final three games of the season and the bowl game. The last three games Jordan got some touches and made the most of them nearly hitting the century mark on just 14 carries (6.71yd/att). Jawhar had more attempts in the bowl game (6) than he’d had in any other game all season and he also got a shot to show off some skills in his return game. I think he took advantage of it…

2022 Season Outlook: While the “stable of backs” sounds good to fans and coaches, and I understand the need to stack talent up at the position, it always gives me pause when you have more than two guys who can be the number one. If we give Mitchell two series and he struggles is he gone for the game? If we let Cooley run situational and he is killing it do we yank Jawhar as the every down guy? If Evans is doing great are the other guys shelved? People who get paid way more than me must make those calls but as Satterfield said last year (Thanks ‘Pink Seats’)…”whose gonna get these balls”? Jordan showed me some things last year that makes it seem like he needs to get some balls in his hands, and the staff has at least agreed as of today he will do just that as the kickoff return specialists. I think his speed can be a game changer and I’m glad the position battles are pushing guys to get better, hopefully Jordan gets some opportunities to show off this year.

Sweet Tweet:

This is the tweet when Jawhar touched down in Syracuse to start his collegiate career, but lets just pretend he is marking the location of where he plans to re-introduce himself to the Orange in 25 days.


2021 Season Recap: D’Angelo (Googles when D’Angelo ‘How Does It Feel’ video was released) joins the Cards after spending last year playing QB, wideout, and corner for Northeast High down in St. Pete. The big, physical Hutch was committed to play for Iowa State previously before the Cards locked him up after a couple on campus visits. I swear they get these kids on campus and then they fall in love. Wonder what they are doing on these recruiting vis-…..scratch that. Hutchinson was a an All-State guy who did it all as the team MVP last year. Check out his highlights below and try and figure out where he’s gonna pop up on each clip…a DB breaking up a pass? A QB dropping dimes? A wideout highvpointing balls with ease on a 6-3 frame? Yes, Yes, and yes.

2022 Season Outlook: While it may not be the dog days of summer with 19 offensive lineman in a row the countdown is in “secondary season” right now hitting on some vets and some news guys all in the last week or so. While Hutch will come in with some work to do, as any true freshman will, he was pulled in because the Cards had a need at the safety position. The emergence of Duncan and Cole helped fill the gap, but now they are backfilling with new guys like D’Angelo and some transfers to even out the classes. I touched on Griffin yesterday and Duncan the day before, and I think we may see more of both those guys in ’22 than Hutch but he is the future at the position in my mind. We’ve got three/four freshman or Sophomores fighting for spots but I think this current staff really likes the larger safeties paired up with the mid-size corners. The 6-3 size can’t be taught and Sowders will probably get him up around 200lb this year if I’m a betting man. If we don’t see Hutchinson a lot this season don’t forget the name for next year and beyond.

Sweet Tweet:

Harleezy on the recruiting trail last year….side note, how do I get a Facetime with Louie?