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The Cardinal Countdown: 28 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Florida International Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Franklin may not have been the poster boy for the secondary last year but he was all over the field throughout the entire season, playing in twelve games and grabbing a couple starts against UCF and in the bowl game. Finishing the season with double digit tackles (10) is nice, but the real stat that pops off the page is his two interceptions. Franklin was second on the team with two picks last year, including one against UVA he took back for 32 yards and a second one against BC. Franklin, as a freshman, played well enough to position himself very nicely this year to continue to grab significant PT.

2022 Season Outlook: While it’s easy to nit-pick on things I was a bit disappointed with Chandler Jones play last season. The guy made some great plays and had some critical stops, but he also seemed to fall victim to big plays much too often. Some of that, I believe, allowed Franklin to get on the field early and often. Trey is very similar in size to Jones, Clark, Edwards, Brownlee….(wait, is every DB on the damn roster 5-10/180?!?!) and he has some position flexibility to get on the field. My thought is we see a healthy Franklin every single week and he starts to make even more of a mark on a improved defense, setting himself up for a run at being a fulltime starter in ’23.

Sweet Tweet:

This was like four years ago, and not related to the Cards at all, but it fired a synapse in my brain or something when I read it. For some reason I really like the ‘Louisville vs. Everybody’ mentality we had in the past. Sure, I’ll take some bandwagon fans to fill the stadium or some national attention when the team is playing well, but otherwise just let the hate and the disrespect towards the program flow. I thrive on it, and I think the players do as well.