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The NCAA/IARP: Your 2021-22 Card Chronicle LCPT champion

A worthy champion once again.

For the third time in six years, some form of the NCAA reigns supreme atop the mountain of uncoolness.

Roll the tape:

Incredible work by Rick Montgomery here.

The all-time list of the uncoolest of the uncool now looks like this:

2008 - Larry Taylor
2009 - Mitch Barnhart
2010 - Steve Kragthorpe
2011 - Brandon Bender
2012 - Doug Gottlieb
2013 - Digger Phelps
2014 - FedEx
2015 - The Game 3 Super Regional Replay Officials
2016 - Andre McGee
2017 - The NCAA Committee on Infractions
2018 - The NCAA Appeals Committee
2019 - Bobby Petrino
2020 - The Coronavirus
2021 - Dino Gaudio
2022- The NCAA/IARP

This sort of feels like 2009-10 Duke to me. Not even at their best, but still more than enough of a monster to bring home the bacon in convincing fashion. A true behemoth of uncool.

Thanks to everyone who voted and participated in this year’s tournament.