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The Cardinal Countdown: 30 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Louisville v Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Grant spent last season playing for the hometown Tigers of St. X and helped lead them to a state title over Male. The longtime receiver for the Tigers made a position swap to help fill a need and played some running back for the state champs, tallying over 520 yards and four TDs on the ground in his final season as well as 153 yards receiving. The offensive weapon was selected to play in the Blue/Gray All-American game down in the ‘Jerry Dome’ in Dallas and made some nice plays for the Blue squad in that game. Take a peek at some highlights from last year.

2022 Season Outlook: Goodman accepted a PWO spot to play for the Cards earlier this year ( a team he grew up watching and cheering for) bypassing some offers from some lower level schools to suit up in the red and black. Grant noted the success of some recent walk-ons under Satterfield as a reason to come in and grind, knowing he will get a chance to compete for a spot. While the majority of his varsity career was spent at wideout the Cards list Goodman as a running back on the roster. We know the depth at that position this season so breaking through in ’22 to see the field at that spot is likely not happening but excited to have the speedster as part of the squad and looking hungry for opportunities in seasons to come.

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My man GG went a little ‘Poltergeist’ on that eighth rep but no hate from me, I haven’t put up 225 since my senior year of high school….when I combined two of my bowling scores.


2021 Season Recap: Williams was an extremely late add to the roster last season after coming to a camp mid-July and accepting a spot in early August as camp was starting up. Williams got an opportunity to come show out via a connection with his old ball coach (Cliff Collins) at Southwest Mississippi JUCO who played a little fooseball with DC Bryan Brown. The 6-0/185 corner was a nice pickup for the Cards late in the year and was not likely to see significant action being such a late addition. That may change in 2022….

2022 Season Outlook: While Williams still has a bit of a hill to climb he looks like someone who may get a shot at safety this year, initially listed behind Duncan and Harper at Free Safety but will look to make some moves in the fall at a couple positions I believe are nearly wide open heading into camp and waiting for someone to step up (FS/SS). Not sure if Williams reaches that one line, but I absolutely see him getting on the field this year in situations where they need additional speed and coverage.

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Shavarick’s answer to “which of the electrical transportation systems found in society today would you consider yourself?” may not ace an interview but appreciate the honesty. Me? I’m more of a moving sidewalk kind of guy. Happy to drag you along with me with minimal effort required.