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The Cardinal Countdown: 31 Days Until Kickoff

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Just like Ryheem that we talked about yesterday, Zach is another underclassman who had a few opportunities last season, playing in three games (Ole Miss, EKU, Syracuse) and grabbing a tackle early in the season against the Colonels to cement his name in the ’21 record books. Zach had a few more opportunities the year prior (2020) but the emergence of freshman Ashton Gillotte limited that time off the edge last year.

2022 Season Outlook: While it’s difficult to see Puryear or Edwards supplanting Gillotte or Yaya on the edge this season there is absolutely an opportunity for either of them to earn a supporting role on the two deep. I like Puryear and obviously the coaches liked what they saw last season as well putting him on scholarship, but I think Edwards has a touch more upside long-term. The Starkville native has good size and has added over 30lb since coming in out of high school. While I don’t think Edwards is quite there yet to be a number one guy, he doesn’t need to be, and that should be good news for him as he can continue to develop and look for some more reps in seasons to come. This year I think he can fight into the two deep and probably make some impact plays against lesser competition as they prep him for future opportunities as a Junior and Senior.

Sweet Tweet:

Zach speaking truth for everyone who has taken summer classes. So much nicer minus those extra few thousand people floating around. BUT...what Zach fails to mention is that folks getting back on campus means school is inching closer...and school inching closer means football is getting closer....and OH MY GOODNESS WE’RE ONE MONTH AWAY! The sky is a little bluer, the grass a little greener....fall camp starts today.