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The Cardinal Countdown: 15 Days Until Kickoff

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St Petersburg Bowl - Southern Mississippi v Louisville
Top 5 favorite back at UofL
Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

2021 Season Recap: Jalen came into last season expecting to be the lead back among the group of guys fighting for time, and he played like it as well. Getting nearly twice the number of carries as the next back behind him Mitchell went for a over 700 yards and 5 touchdowns, averaging a hair over 60yds/g. Mitchell also presented himself as a target in the passing game grabbing 12 balls for 121yds. Mitchell was third on the team when it came to finding the endzone, trailing only Malik and ex-Card Harrell in that category, and added his second 100yd rushing game of his career against Syracuse.

2022 Season Outlook: I thought Mitchell played fairly well overall last year but I’m a bit sad to see the Senior on his final…..what’s that? Mitchell is only a Sophomore? Jalen has been in the program for what feels like 5-6 years and my man is still an underclassman, out here creating some noise in a talented ACC. Once again Mitchell should be the “starter” in a backfield that may look more like a carousel than the racetrack at certain points, so it’s difficult to predict numbers, but his impact will likely be the same. Mitchell may not win any foot races with his teammates in the backfield, but he is likely top dog when it comes to bodying up defenders and putting corners on their back. Mitchell has been pretty consistent with his size since enrolling back in 2019 and he uses it well on the field staying nimble in tight quarters but using his power to create push and move piles. The ACCDN put together a little highlight reel for your viewing pleasure. Four yards, six yards, five yards, score. Three yards, nine yards, eight yards, more….rinse and repeat.

Sweet Tweet:

Mitchell looks like the dude I make in “create a player” mode on NCAA football. Give me some jacked up running back with moves who’s gonna bulldoze kids and pick up 4 yards even if I only push straight up on the controller….and then throw on some tats and a fro to pass the vibe check. Heisman!


2021 Season Recap: The linebacker from Georgia got some reps in the third phase of the game a couple seasons ago and then was primed to split time at backer last year with Yasir. An early season injury limited his chances to get on the field as much as anticipated, but Wilson still played in four games, seeing time late in the year against Duke and Kentucky as well as EKU and Wake early. Wilson finished with a tackle and a QB hurry on the season stat line, significantly less than what many had hoped. But….

2022 Season Outlook: If you give me a “sleeper” pick for the 2022 season, I may put Kam Wilson at the top of the list. The guy who snuck into a four star linebacker rating late in the recruiting process wet his beak in the COVID season and then had some bad luck last season trying to bust through the door and announce himself to the world. With all eyes focused on one of the better defensive players at the same position (Yasir Abdullah) not much attention is being paid to the man/men sitting behind him. While I’m a big Yasir fan, he’s not playing every down, and we need someone to step into this hybrid role who can make plays and cover space in the middle. I think Kam takes advantage of the opportunities he’s given and makes a name for himself this year, ready to be a big part of the defense in 2023. Someone will get the full force of built up frustration from Kam Wilson this year, and I’m already praying for their safety.

Sweet Tweet:

My man Kam is ready for the BIG TIRE party. Matter of fact, can I bring my 3 year old son? Dude loves big tires and trucks. What are we doing coach, tire swings, sand box, tire climb…???? You said “flip”? I’m out.